‘Blue Bloods’ Sets Premiere Date for Season 10, and Fans Hope They’ll ‘Fix the Huge Mess’

CBS announced the “Blue Bloods” premiere date and schedule for its upcoming season which will take off from the last season. Fans hope the next season will “fix the huge mess” from season 9’s finale where the controversial wedding scene of Reagan and Janko were cut short.

CBS recently announced their schedule for this fall’s premiere dates, being the first network to share details of their shows. Included in the list is “Blue Bloods” which is set to premiere on September 27, taking ints regular slot on Friday’s at 10 p.m.

Season 10 will take off from last season’s finale which fans called the “most disappointing finale ever.” Followers of the show took to Twitter their sentiments regarding the upcoming season, demanding the program to do better and “fix the huge mess” from season 9.

“Please use the season 10 premiere and landmark 200th episode to fix the huge mess you made of the season 9 finale a large part of your audience still feels conned let down and lied to no more bait and switch otherwise you’ll lose us for good make it right,” one fan tweeted.

Other fans also showed a desire for a wedding scene to take place during the premiere after they were let down the last time. One tweet requested:

“I want lots of jamko scenes please. That is all,” while another teased: “And maybe we’ll see a wedding.”

“Jamko” is the moniker made by fans for Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) and Jamie Reagon (Will Estes), a favorite couple on the show.

The two tied the knot in the season 9 finale but left fans unimpressed with the short coverage of their wedding at the end, which faded to black before the couple exchanged vows.

“Why is there more wedding footage on Twitter than on the episode? So insulting to your viewers that were tricked into thinking the focus of last night’s episode would be the wedding!” a fan tweeted out of anger.

Hopefully, this coming season can show more of Jamko to satisfy and please their loyal fans for nearly ten years. The show’s realistic storyline is a significant factor as to why viewers love the show and support the characters until today. 

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