Meghan McCain Urges Fans to Honor Their Late Dads on Father's Day

This year's Fathers Day will be the first one that Meghan McCain will be celebrating without her father, the late Senator John McCain.

On Wednesday, Meghan urged her fans and Twitter followers to share stories of their late dads with the hashtag #deaddadsclub before Father's day, which is on Sunday. 

"Anyone else out there who is dreading Father’s Day this Sunday - I feel yo, and have been trying to come up with something positive to do Sunday. So, I want you to feel free to share #deaddadsclub stories on my timeline, and I will share it. Maybe we will all feel less alone.?" Meghan tweeted

Meghan McCain had a very close relationship with her dad before he painfully died of brain cancer in August 2018 at 81. She still misses him and shares tributes of him on her social media accounts every chance she gets. 

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I miss you the most on Sundays.

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Several Twitter users replied to Meghan's request by sharing pictures of their dads with tributes. 

"I Lost my Dad on New Years Day to Dementia.. Cook County Public Defender The rest of the time he spent in private practice defending those who could not afford attorney fees for little if any fees. He was my hero.. In his honor I will conduct random acts of kindness on Father's Day, " one user replied

"My father died the day before my wedding of emphysema after a long battle. I knew he would never walk me down the aisle as I sat by his bedside and addressed my wedding invitations. My wedding and my father’s death will always be intermingled. My marriage didn’t last either." another wrote

"My Dad 86, died from cancer 6.25.18... He was retired from 2nd career ten days before he passed. He was the best Dad to his only child, me. I was blessed to have a Dad who loved me unconditionally. He loved his grandchildren, great grandkids and son in law. #deaddadsclub." tweeted another. 

After a lot of other tributes like these, Meghan then sent another tweet, this time to thank everyone who had something to say about their late father. Meghan isn't the only child of the Senator, as he had a total of 7 children from two marriages. Even with that, Senator McCain had a great relationship with every one of his children.

His first marriage was with the model, Carol Shepp. She had two children, Doug and Andrew before marrying John McCain; both of whom he later adopted. The couple then went ahead to have a daughter Sidney. 

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203 days. It feels like forever and simultaneously like no time at all. I had a dream none of this happened and we were laughing our faces off by the grill and drinking vodka while you were seasoning ribs with Mom, Bridget and Jimmy on the deck. Everyone was happy and laughing - like it was absurd I had ever conceived of a world without you in it, and I had never heard the word “glioblastoma”. People say I talk about you too much and it makes them angry... I'm never going to stop talking about you. I’m not ashamed of the pain, or the intensity of grief, or our bond, or how we’re so much alike it freaks your friends out at dinner - or the fact that I still can’t listen to The Beach Boys. The day before you died I went on a hike alone across the creek in the canyon and begged God not to take you home. I still don’t understand what he was thinking.

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After his relationship with Carol ended, John married Cindy Hensley, who he had met before his divorce. They gave birth to three children, daughter Meghan, Sidney McCain IV, known as Jack, and James, who goes by Jimmy. 

The couple then adopted Bridget as their last child.