Where's Phyllis Lindstrom from 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' Today?

The answer to the question, where is "Phyllis Lindstrom" from "The Mary Tyler Show?" is as fascinating as her life is inspiring.

Cloris Leachman portrayed the character "Phyllis Lindstrom" in the television series "The Mary Tyler Show" in the early ‘70s, and it won her two Emmy awards.


Leachman recorded years of success after that, and the answer to the question where she is today is quite simple.

The actress who is in her nineties, is doing the one thing she is known for — acting — and she is set to star as "Margret" in the upcoming LGBTQ inspired family drama "Jump, Darling" alongside a newbie actor, Thomas Duplessie.

Leachman's character is the grandmother of Russell — Duplessie — a drag queen who is trying to figure out his future as a queer artist. The two go on a journey of discovery while realizing that there are consequences to not doing things the conventional way.

The movie begins shooting this month, and the award-winning actress will move to Canada temporarily; the set is at Toronto and Prince Edward County.


Leachman's career spans seven decades, and in that period, she has starred in about 280 film and television productions. In the ‘50s and ‘60s, the vegan actress appeared mostly in TV series.

In between those years, she starred in one movie "The Last Picture Show" in '55, and it earned her an Academy Award. In all, the "Kiss Me Deadly" star has about eight Primetime Emmy Awards, one Daytime Emmy Award, one Oscar, and a Golden Globe Award to her name.

Between ‘53 and '79, Leachman married George England, and they had four children. After years of having a successful career on the big and small screen, the Iowa-born actress set another record by appearing on "Dancing with the Stars" at the age of 82.


At the time, she credited her excellent health and physical fitness to her diet as a vegan; a lifestyle she's had for over forty years.

Leachman is also an animal rights activist and has worked with PETA on several campaigns. In 2018, she took part in an ad by the organisation aimed at protecting turkeys from getting slaughtered as meat.

The "Chapman Report" actress told the public to shun eating animals, and consider it as a service to the earth, saying, 

"I don't eat animals, and you shouldn't want to either."

At 93, Leachman is living out the rest of her life fighting for animal rights and continuing in the profession that made her famous.