Julia Newmar Reveals What It's like Raising Her Only Son with Down Syndrome

Gracious Egedegbe
Jun 14, 2019
06:47 P.M.
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Known for an explicit depiction of roles in "Catwoman," "Thanks for Everything," "Too Wong Foo," veteran actress, Julia Newmar opens up about her experiences as a mother to a child who has down syndrome.


Ever wondered what it feels like having to deal with a child living with down syndrome?, Or how much understanding and considerations one adopts? Well, Julia recounts her story as a mother who handles her only son, John.


According to the details garnered by Closer Weekly, the actress explained how John had helped to influence her perception of life, although she had him when she was 50-years-old, her love for him is irreplaceable! In her words:

"He's the cause of the great expansion of my outlook on life. He's responsible for my understanding and practice of unconditional love. John is what makes my life great."

While it appeared the "Original Catwoman" has learned to love and care for her son, she is undoubtedly overjoyed at the lessons she picked while being a good mother to her son.

Lisa Johnson Mitchell, a blogger, documented her meeting with the actress, while she explained that she admired Julia she also sees her as a "real life superhero".


As she toured her house in Brentwood, the writer concluded that Julia has a sense of top-notch taste for quality because her home was stylishly designed.

Lisa further expressed that she was shocked at first when she saw " Catwoman" feeding a grown-up man who happened to be her deaf son with down syndrome. The blogger later tagged her as a living superhero because of the invaluable bond she witnessed between mother and son. In her words:

"Her adoration and love for her son shone brighter than her outer physical God-given features. To me, now she really was a superhero, a woman, a mother, who loves her son unabashedly, a mother who would undoubtedly take a bullet for him."


She continued by writing about how "unfair" John's condition is. According to her:

"Her son's seemingly compromise life seemed so unfair, but life as we well know it is decidedly and often not fair."

Down syndrome is not peculiar to only Julia, a host of other celebrities have had a fair share of the situation as having to deal with a family member who suffers from the diagnosis.

TV stars such as Jamie Foxx, Sally Phillips, Kit Harrington, Steve O, John McGinley, and Catherina Scorsone happen to be advocates of the down syndrome cause, as they have each felt what it's like to have a loved one suffer from the disease.