June 15, 2019

Randy Jackson on Why Tina Turner Reportedly Shot Him

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The Jackson family is quite an interesting one to talk about, especially since each and every one of them has their own unique stories worth telling. However, if there was one story that makes Randy Jackson distinct from all of them, it's that he was once shot by Tina Turner. 

When he was asked whether or not that rumor was true, Randy revealed that it actually did happen. 


"Yes, Tina Turner shot me. I have the scar to prove it."

Randy's Point of View

As to why it happened, Randy reveals that he was actually visiting his girlfriend and he caught them both off guard. 

While Randy randomly confirmed the incident, Tina never actually addressed it. It was her ex-assistant, Eddy Hampton Armani, that let people know that such an incident happened way back, by writing it on his 1998 book entitled "The Real T: My 22 years with Tina Turner."


Die-hard fans of Tina Turner often look back at certain things, and the book and this particular excerpt of it were retrieved. 

The incident allegedly happened in 1983, when Randy visited his girlfriend Bernadette Robi at Tina's place. Robi was a good friend of her late son Craig, and the singer was fond of Bernadette. 

More than friends?

They had such a close relationship, that Randy allegedly thought the two women were in a relationship, which is why he tweeted about catching them off guard. 

In Armani's book, it was disclosed that one night, Bernadette arrived at Tina's house crying and traumatized, saying that Jackson was going to hit her that's why she ran away. 



"I can't go back to him. He knows my every movement, he follows and stalks me. I mean, I can come out of a food store or the gym, and he'll be there, hiding behind something just watching,” she allegedly told Turner.

Similar Experiences

Remembering her own experience with Ike Turner, Tina told Bernadette to leave Randy because it would not end well and he was not good for her. 

"Bernadette, let me tell you something. You've got yourself an Ike Turner, you better get rid of him."


However, the more they talked, the more it gave Jackson time to figure out where Bernadette was. He ended up showing up in Tina's house. When he wasn't buzzed in, he allegedly jumped the fence and threw a pot over the window, jumping through the broken glass just to get in. 

Armani's Point of View

That was when Randy went to Bernadette, asking him to come with him and professing his love. At the time, Tina went to her bedroom to grab her gun, pointed it at Randy's head, asking him to "freeze, or I'll blow your brains out." 

Jackson stopped for a second, before lunging at his girlfriend to ask her to come with him once again. Tina then blew a hole over her roof then and there. Armani shared more of the thrilling yet frightening story, saying: 


“Randy, his face a mask of brutality, charged straight at Tina like a raging bull. Still, in total control, Tina moved the barrel slightly to the side and fired towards the doorway. She pointed the gun at Randy.”


After that situation, Randy left the house through the broken window again, with Bernadette following him. 

Moving On

Armani's book never mentioned that Tina ever hit Randy, so the entire story depends on who's angle it's been played from. 

In the end, Bernadette never ended up with Randy, instead, marrying pro boxer Sugar Ray Leonard. Randy also went on to have relationships with different women, having children with some of them. 


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