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June 17, 2019

OJ Simpson Joins Twitter Days after 25th Anniversary of Ex-Wife’s Murder

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Twenty-five years after the gruesome murder of his ex-wife in which he was the prime suspect, OJ Simpson made his Twitter debut with a cryptic message: “I got a little getting even to do.”

Simpson, 71, took to Twitter on June 14 with a video introducing his new account while letting the world know what to expect from his arrival on the social media platform.

“Hey Twitter world, it’s yours truly,” began the former football player, wearing a navy blue jacket over a white Polo.

O.J. Simpson after a parole hearing at Lovelock Correctional Center in Lovelock, Nevada, U.S. on July 20, 2017. | Photo: Getty Images


"Now, coming soon to Twitter, you’ll get to read all my thoughts and opinions on just about everything. Now, there’s a lot of fake OJ accounts out there, so this one @TheRealOJ32 is the only official one. This should be a lot of fun. I got a little getting even to do. So, God bless. Take care.”



The 22-second clip has since racked up over 10 million views and more than 100,000 likes. It has also been retweeted almost 29,000 times.

Twitter users have been reacting since the video surfaced, with many taking a jab at Simpson’s infamous accusations of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson.


“Could I get your opinion on how you got away with murdering your wife,” one person asked sarcastically.

“This account's gonna be killer,” chimed in another.



Although Simpson’s account is yet to be verified by Twitter, the disgraced ex-athlete reportedly confirmed its authenticity in a phone interview with The Associated Press, reiterating that it “will be a lot of fun.”

“I’ve got some things to straighten out,” he reportedly added before saying he had to go and ending the call.

O.J. Simpson after a parole hearing at Lovelock Correctional Center in Lovelock, Nevada, U.S. on July 20, 2017. | Photo: Getty Images



On June 12, 1994, Nicole, 34, and her friend, Ron Goldman, were found stabbed to death outside her Los Angeles home. At the time, Nicole and Simpson’s abusive marriage had been over for about two years.

Simpson became the prime suspect in the murders and after a much-publicized trial that gained international attention, was acquitted in 1995.

O.J. Simpson & Nicole Brown Simpson pose at the premiere of the "Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Isult" on Mar. 16, 1994 in Los Angeles, California. | Photo: Getty images


In a subsequent civil suit filed by Goldman’s family, Simpson was ordered to pay $33.5 million for the wrongful deaths of both murdered persons. According to The Guardian, most of the judgment has not been paid.

Simpson, who later went to jail for robbery and kidnapping, continues to maintain his innocence in the murders of Nicole and Goldman and has kept a low profile since his release from prison in 2017.



In a recent interview, Simpson refused to discuss the infamous murder accusations and trial.

“We don’t need to go back and relive the worst day of our lives. The subject of the moment is the subject I will never revisit again. My family and I have moved on to what we call the ‘no negative zone.’ We focus on the positives.”  

Simpson and Nicole shared two children, Sydney and Justin while the former NFL player has two children – Arnelle and Jason – from an earlier marriage.


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