'Dirty Dancing' Star Cynthia Rhodes Reportedly Hasn’t Danced since the ‘90s

Playing a role as a dance instructor in a hit movie and then vanishing after doing it so well is quite a story. That is the story of actress Cynthia Rhodes, who quit Hollywood despite having a promising career.

In the year 1987, the movie industry was left in amazement after the release of the movie, “Dirty Dancing” to the cinematic universe. 

Of particular interest was the performance of actress Cynthia Rhodes, who then, was having a career filled with promises. However, that movie turned out to be her last, as she disappeared from the screens soon after, never to be seen for quite some time. 


Cynthia Rhodes starred in the 1987 classic movie. She played the character of Penny, who was the dance instructor of Patrick Swayze. Penny would, later on, get to have an abortion in the movie. Playing the role of a dancer in a movie wasn’t that difficult for Cynthia, as she displayed great dance moves and skills, much to the admiration of many.


Cynthia left the scene not long after the movie, and her husband Richard Marx gave details as to the circumstances behind her disappearance. 

While reportedly being interviewed by Splash Chicago, he explained that she took a breather from acting after getting pregnant with their first child in 1990. 

What was meant to be a break would turn out to be permanent, as she never returned to the screen. Instead, she chose parenting over her acting career. 

Marx further explained that dancing took a lot of physical toll on his wife, giving her intense physical pain. He, however, explained that she was much of a great mother as she was a great dancer.

Cynthia is now a mother to three children and enjoys her quiet "off-the-scene" lifestyle very much. She is also not a fan of interviews and hardly grants interviews. 


Other cast members of the classic movie had different paths soon after the movie, while some went on to have blistering careers afterwards, others sort of hit the rough patch. 

One notable star from the movie was Patrick Swayze who became a sought after star. He went on to earn award nominations, and also win some, before his death from pancreatic cancer in 2008. 

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