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June 17, 2019

Adam Busby of 'Outdaughtered' Responds to Criticism for ‘Bad’ Parenting Move

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Star of TLC's series "Outdaughtered", Adam Busby, recently fires back at a fan who commented on his parenting skills via his twitter handle!

Daddy duties can be demanding, and downright stressful, but for Adam Busby, who happens to be a devoted family guy, nothing compares to the love he has for his six little princesses, and he stops at nothing to show off his pack!


Reportedly, the father came under the reeks of a Twitter user after the recent season of the show was aired. The follower @DeniseMJohnson addressed the issue of leaving the locks on the door of his toddlers' room.

His tweet read:

"#Outdaughtered Geez, every parent should know you do not have bedroom doors with locks, especially in toddler's door. Bad move there."


The father of six responded to the tweet sarcastically. First, he acknowledged the Twitter user as a "perfect parent", whom he welcomed into the parenting club, and also showed his appreciation for the observation. 

Adam's tweet read:

"Hey, we have a perfect parenting joining us tonight! Welcome to the party! Thanks for all the great criticism… I mean advice…"

However, that was not all; many fans trooped in to save the day for the "Outdaughtered" star. Several comments about what the fans admired on the show, and about how much love and cuteness the family of eight shows off flooded the comment section.



Even though Adam and his wife Danielle leaves the bedroom lock off their kids' room, it doesn't mean that they care any less for their children. 

They show more than anything else the invaluable bond that syncs their hearts with that of their girls, 8-year-old- Blayke, and the 4-year-old quintuplets, Ava, Parker, Oliver, Riley, and Hazel.

Part of some clips of the newly premiered season five shows how concerned both parents are over their sick Ava's health. They invited a health expert to determine the cause of little Ava's breathing problem. It was discovered that their home was mould invested, and it was responsible for Ava's illness. 



Danielle sadly expressed her concern on the show. We sure hope Ava's breathing problem has been taken care of as Adam recently shared a picture of his wonderful girls on Instagram with his mother!

The duo's relationship has been a long time coming. Danielle further revealed in her blog how she got hooked to her man after being coworkers in 2003.

It appears they are both right for each other, the family of eight stops as nothing to show how perfect they handle their affairs, whether it's in relation to hanging out with their amazing kids, or spending date nights together, or planning on a budget, or even making God the centerpiece of all they do.