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Ron Howard Warmly Recalls the Night He Met Princess Diana

Comfort Omovre
Jun 17, 2019
04:53 P.M.
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One of Hollywood's prominent directors, Ron Howard recounts what happened when he met Princess Diana at a movie premiere.


Known for his expertise in film making, the 65-year-old reveals just how he and Princess Diana got along only after spending a few minutes at a reception line. 


In his words:

"She was remarkable, that was a great night."

The award-winning filmmaker happened to be in London for his movie premiere titled "Apollo" alongside Rita Wilson, and Tom Hanks, on what he described as a "highlight" of his career after conversing with the Princess of Wales!

He spoke on how he considered the Princess "remarkable" after they sat on the same banquet table and she started to share plans about her projects. The Princess, who is often called the "people's princess" did appear kind and cordial with the movie director.


According to him:

"We not only met her in the reception line, but we sat at a banquet table. She was talking a lot about her philanthropic projects but in a very comfortable, casual and passionate way. She seemed to enjoy our company, and it was very mutual."

Undoubtedly, the director's credibility is unique, and he has earned several awards for his sense of style and creativity. In 2001, he won an Oscar for the movie "Stunning Thoughts".

He has yet another excellent concept which he put in a documentary form titled " Pavarotti." This features the real-life story of the famous singer, who shared a sincere and deep friendship with Princess Diana!


Both the opera singer and the Princess had an excellent relationship until she died in 1997; and it stemmed from the princess' act at a London Hyde Park concert which she attended with Prince Charles, organised by Pavarotti. 

A picture of Princess Diana | Photo: Getty Images


The park which was seemingly wet due to the downpour that day created a rather frosty ambience for the over 100,000 fans that came to watch the performance. But the Princess did not care about rain; she chose to enjoy the musical performer; thus, she closed her umbrella, and this birth a new found friendship between the two. 

The singer sought for permission to sing to her from her husband, and finally serenaded the princess with lyrics describing how much unique she is in his song, "I Have Never Seen a Woman Like That."

Dickson Stainer, who happened to be a witness of the incident, described the moment as a bond for the two. In his appearance on the documentary, he said:


"You could see it on screen as Diana prepared to get completely soaked...not bothered about the buckets of rain, and they formed this bond."

A beautiful photograph of Princess Diana | Photo: Getty Images


Although the Princess has been gone for over two decades, the world still reveres what she lived for, and upholds her in high esteem. 

Recently, Inquisitr reported that the Princess would be honoured with a square in her name in France. The world has sure not forgotten about her whether she's here or not, which makes it correct to say that she was a notable figure worldwide, and she still is!