10-Year-Old Boy's Touching Appeal to Find Lost Phone Full of Memories of Dead Mom

Aby Rivas
Jun 18, 2019
01:45 A.M.
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Gino López, a 10-year-old boy from Argentina, has become a viral sensation after he shared a video explaining that he lost his phone and asking whoever found it to return it. However, he doesn’t care about the device but the photos and video of his dead mom that are saved in it.


Last weekend, Gino López went out with his grandmother Dora, and they took a cab. However, went they got off, the boy forgot his cellphone in the backseat.

Gino Lopez talking to a local channel. | Source: YouTube/eldoce


Dora called to the taxi line to see if they could recover the phone, but since more passengers got on after the pair, the phone got lost. They also tried calling the number, but it seems like the device was turned off.

López’s mom died from leukemia when he was a baby, and his father abandoned him, so he lives with his grandparents. The only memories he had of his late were photos and videos saved on the lost phone.

So, determined to recover the phone at all costs, the boy recorded a video with the help of his aunt to make a touching appeal that he hoped would reach whoever found his phone.

Gino Lopez asks whoever found his phone to return it. | Source: YouTube/Mi Valle Medios


“Hi, I'm Gino López. Today I forgot my cell phone in a remi that I took and there I had the photos and videos of my mother who died when I was very young," the boy says in the clip.

He adds: "I don’t want to lose her, because when I miss her, I watch her videos and listen to her voice, and I don’t want to forget her, her voice or anything like that.”

Gino offered all of his savings as a reward for the phone.


Talking to a local radio station, Gino’s grandfather explained that the device has videos of the boy’s 22-year-old dead mom bathing him and other “stuff.” He also revealed that every night before Gino goes to bed, he prays to his mom, and he used to do it while looking at her picture.

Although Gino’s video went viral on social media, no one has come forward to return the boy’s precious memory vault.

Gino has few pictures alongside his dead mom. | Source: YouTube/eldoce


However, his story touched the heart of a neighbor who happens to own a technology store. The man decided to gift Gino a new and improved phone, and with the help of his aunt, they managed to recover two photos from the mother.

Gino also received a virtual reality game and the official t-shirt from the Argentinian football team.

Emilse and Gino when he was a baby. | Source: YouTube/eldoce


On top of that, the owner of the store offered the person who found a deal, stating:

"Whoever brings the device, we will reward them, without compromise and with absolute discretion, with a new and device the double of Gino's range.”

Gino believes someone with a good heart will see his video and return the phone, but for now, he’s still waiting.