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Kathy Griffin Shares Tribute to Anderson Cooper's Mom Gloria Vanderbilt 2 Years after Falling-Out with Him

Bettina Dizon
Jun 19, 2019
12:33 A.M.
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Kathy Griffin penned a heartfelt tribute to the late Gloria Vanderbilt, who referred to the comedian as “her daughter,” through an Instagram post.


Despite the fallout of Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin which happened two years ago, the comedian’s love for Cooper’s mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, never faded. After the fashion icon’s demise, Griffin honored her through an Instagram post filled with photos.

“I would be so flattered when she would refer to me as her daughter,” she shared. “When we would have our alone time, we would sit on this sofa and talk for hours. No topic was ever off-limits and believe it or not I would even shut up for a while because, oh the life that woman lived.”


Griffin recalled how Vanderbilt would always include her in conversations during lavish dinner parties, and save her from ones that were too intimidating. Despite what she went through with Vanderbilt’s son, Griffin still “loved her so much.”

Cooper and Griffin had a 17-year-long friendship which ended in May 2017, after the comedian posted a controversial photo of Trump and received major backlash. The incident also cost her a job hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve with Cooper.


The famous CNN journalist took to Twitter his response to the controversy, sharing that he was “appalled by the photo” and that it was “disgusting” and “inappropriate.” In March this year, Griffin admitted that she still felt “devastated” over their fallout.


“It still hurts. I mean, I really loved him. I don’t have a punchline for that one,” she said.

Back in the day, Griffin would tease Cooper about his famous mother being “cooler” than him. She often joked by “reminding him that he’ll never be as much fun as his 90-year-old mother.”


Sadly, at 95, the cool mom they both looked up to, lost the battle to stomach cancer, but did so surrounded by family and friends. Cooper conveyed a touching eulogy for his late mother, showing a compilation of videos of Vanderbilt’s life.

“She was the strongest person I’ve ever met, but she wasn’t tough. She never developed a thick skin to protect herself from hurt. She wanted to feel it all. She wanted to feel life’s pleasures, its pains as well,” Cooper said.

Vanderbilt had four marriages, with her last one being the most successful with Wyatt Cooper, the move of her life. They had two children, Cooper, and Carter, who took his own life at a young age.