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Donald Trump Calls Melania 'It' While Gushing about His Wife in a Short Interview (Video)

Joe Akins
Jun 19, 2019
07:07 P.M.
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President Trump is in the news yet again, and this time, it's for a statement he made during an interview where he described his wife, Melania with the word “it.”


Trump, who is currently the President of the United States of America, is always known to make headlines, and most times it's for the wrong reasons.


It almost shouldn't be any surprise to find him becoming an important subject of discussion on the internet. However, the startling nature of some of this news is what commonly calls for shock and the public’s attention. 

Just recently, Trump held an interview, via phone, with Fox & Friends over the weekend. It was there he openly discussed his plans to repaint Air Force One. Trump can be rather vocal when it comes to airing his views, and the recent interview was no exception. 


He spoke passionately about Air Force One and somehow got to comparing his wife to former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Jackie left the White House a long time ago, but that has not removed her name from the list of one of the most recognized First Ladies of the United States. 


Trump, as unabashed as always, compared Melania, the current First Lady to Jackie; this was as he pushed his plans to rename Air Force One which currently has a name coined to honor Jackie. 

“There was Jackie O, and that’s good. But we have our own Jackie O today. It’s called Melania.” – Donald Trump 


This particular statement has the interview going viral as Trump mistakenly termed Melania as “IT.”

The established entrepreneur either didn't realize his mistake or just decided to ignore it because he continued and revealed that "Melania. We’ll call it Melania T. Okay?” 


It was not only Trump's somewhat demeaning mistake that caught the attention of the media as many raised suspicions that the name he coined, “Melania T.,” may be a nickname unknown to the world before now. 

This theory seemed to be accurate as Trump went on to shower praises on Melania, the mother of his child. 

“By the way, people love her. People love her. She gets no credit from the media, but she gets credit from the people,” the 73-year-old animatedly said


It isn't the first time Trump will be speaking so highly of his beloved wife. One of the most memorable times remains one culled from his interview with Larry King in 2005 just shortly after his marriage to Melania. 

"We were together for five years. We literally have never had an argument or — forget about the word 'fight,’” Trump had gleefully said. 

Now that the Trumps have been married for well over a decade and have an essential position in the society being the President and First Lady, it remains unascertained if things are still the same between the pair. 

That alone makes everyone wonder just what Melania's reaction to his “it” mistake would be.