Tori Roloff Hits Back at LPBW Fans Who Question the Relationship between Son Jackson and Dog Murphy

Joe Akins
Jun 21, 2019
09:37 A.M.
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"Little People, Big World" reality TV star, Tori Roloff, goes on a full-fledged rant on Instagram and here is what she had to say.


The Roloffs are an endearing bunch, and thanks to their popular hit series, “Little People, Big World,” we’ve gotten to know the family quite well over the years. It all began with Matt and Amy Roloff, a little married couple who owned Roloff Farms, raised their four kids there and also grew pumpkins for sale.


A lot has changed since then. Tori Roloff recently took to Instagram to write a long statement on how she feels about the recent jabs she’s been receiving from her fans about her son, Jackson’s, relationship with the family dog, Murphy.

“I have gotten a lot of feedback on how we let Jackson play with Murphy, and I feel like I just need to clear something up,” Roloff began, then going further to explain that she and her husband, Zach, are “VERY aware of safety when it comes to animals.” 




"Murphy LOVES Jackson and often engage him in play. He is also very protective of J, and I know in my bone of bones he would do nothing to hurt J on purpose. (The occasional knockdown happens but that’s life with a 120-pound uncoordinated teenager)” she added.

The rant grew longer as she added:

“I understand that many have scary stories of dogs hurting their kids and trust me we take that seriously, but also not all dogs are alike,” she wrote.


”You have to know your dog and what your dog’s limits are. Murphy doesn’t have many limits haha. He has no bubble [per se] and loves the attention."


Satisfied with the message she was trying to pass across, Roloff concluded:

"Just because you get a Berner or dog with mellow attitude doesn’t mean they will be as tolerant as Murphy. Again you have to know your dog. And we know Murphy would never hurt Jackson. So that being said, let them be best buds, Kthanksbye.”

Earlier in April, the proud mother recalled the day she and her husband took Murphy home, posting a picture of Murphy and stating how Murphy and her son had gotten along right from the first day, mentioning that the only difference now is their growth-both in size and affection for each other.


It looks like little Jackson will keep being best buds with Murphy, under the watchful eyes of his loving parents of course. Speaking of little kids, Tori Roloff and her husband, Zach, are expecting a new addition to their growing family, a baby girl, although fans will have to wait till later in November to meet her.

Tori Roloff recently showed off her growing baby bump in a new picture that has her fans and supporters anxious and impatient to meet the baby girl.

Is little Jackson about to get a rival for Murphy’s love, what do you think?