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Duane 'The Dog' Chapman Barks at Beth in a New Teaser of Their Long-Awaited Show

Odette Odendaal
Jun 21, 2019
02:18 P.M.
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Beth Chapman might be fighting Stage 4 lung cancer, but she is ready for the next season of “Dog’s Most Wanted” as they release the show’s promotional video, and she looks great!


On June 20, the couple revealed the teaser on Facebook and showed they mean business. The short clip began with Beth and Duane as they entered the back of a darkened warehouse. With both dressed in black leather, they marched toward the camera while an announcer declared that “justice is back in business.”


As the couple stopped in the foreground, Beth turned to Duane and asked, “Are you ready?” to which he replied, “I’m so ready!” and barked at her playfully that prompted an affectionate growl from Beth.

“They look totally transformed. Is that actually Beth,” one fan asked, as she looked great. “Love you two! Beth, you are such a fighter and look AMAZING doing it. You have unwavering love and support!” another fan added.


The trailer also made Duane’s resolve clear as he said, “My wife, the love of my life, is fighting for her life. Instead of being at home helping her, I’m out here looking for you. So, I’m warning you in advance: May God have mercy on you when I get you. Cause I won’t.”


Since Beth got diagnosed, she maintained a positive outlook on her life and admitted that it hadn’t been easy. "It [tries] but I rebuke that. I ask God to bind that spirit and keep those thoughts from my head. I’m no different, I have good days and bad," she wrote.

Beth’s first diagnosis dates back to 2017 when doctors discovered throat cancer. She had surgery and remained cancer-free until late 2018 when she got diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.


On Mother’s Day, Beth announced during a speech that “chemotherapy is not my bag” and tried alternative treatments instead. Even though she hasn’t revealed what treatment avenues she decided to explore, Beth did explain that she considered her disease to be an “ultimate test of faith.”

On June 19, Beth’s daughter, Cecily Savanna, celebrated her 26th birthday. In a sweet tribute to Cecily, Beth acknowledged the role her daughter played in her life.

“Through thick and through thin all out or all in we have muddled through this together,” Beth wrote. “Celebrating Her Birthday today I’m reminded what great sacrifices she makes for the family every day.”

While fans eagerly await the start of their show, a trip down memory lane had Beth Chapman reveal her “most favorite episode” ever made on “Dog the Bounty Hunter.”