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Raven-Symoné Talks Motherhood, Admits She's Focused on Career since Childhood

Aby Rivas
Jun 23, 2019
06:33 A.M.
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Raven-Symoné is currently reprising his role as Raven Baxter in Disney Channel’s “Raven’s Home.” There, the child star plays as the single mother of two kids, but in real life, Raven is far from having kids of her own. However, that doesn’t mean children aren’t in her future.


Raven-Symoné has been entertaining people with her on-screen talent for over three decades. She started out her acting career when she was 3, and since then, her life has been a constant rollercoaster of TV series, films, and even talk shows.


Perhaps her most loved and famous character was that of Raven Baxter, a high schooler with physic powers that got in trouble after trouble alongside her friends in Disney’s “That’s So Raven.”


Ten years after the end of the series, Symoné embarked in the spin-off “Raven’s Home,” this time as an executive producer, and occasional writer and director.


Her grown character is now the mother of twins Booker and Nia and lives with her childhood best-friend Chelsea and her son Levi.

In a recent interview with San Diego Entertainer magazine, Raven explained how she built her character as a mom, taking into account that she doesn’t have any kids yet.

“I built [the character] from my own mother, from (actress and dancer) Debbie Allen, from the mothers that I have seen on TV; from the mothers that I have seen on TV that I don’t want to be, and based on who I want to be as a mother,” she explained.


And continued:

“I know that I am part of that generation where they say, ‘You are trying to be friends with your kids.’ But I’m absolutely crazy, and I want my kids to know that it’s okay to be your authentic self every morning, every day.”

Symoné also stated that subconsciously, she’s practicing with her character to see how she would react in certain situations once she becomes a mom.


“I can take some of what Raven Baxter does, what she deals with and how she deals with these kids and morph it into something I can be proud of as a parent,” she stated.


Her honest answer prompted the interviewers to ask, “You do plan to become a mom?” to which Symoné replied: “Oh, for sure. For sure!”


She explained that growing up in the spotlight, she was always encouraged to think only about her career and making it bigger, and on top of that, it takes a more conscious effort to plan out motherhood while being part of the LGBT community.

“It’s definitely in my future,” she said. “I have a timeline-ish. But it is malleable because not everything can be planned.”

Although the future in regards to kids is still uncertain, Symoné revealed she wants to keep working with Disney, but behind the scenes. She also wants to produce more feature-length content and graduate from college. “I am the slowest student!” she said.


“Another goal of mine is to be a musical director,” she added. “I love the Disney musicals, and I love theatre. At fifty years old, I would love to direct in the capacity of feature lengths and musicals for sure.”