Elvis Presley's Grandson Benjamin Keough is a Carbon Copy of his Granddad

He is one of Elvis Presley’s lesser-known descendants, but grandson Benjamin Keough has baffled everyone, starting with his own mother, due to his remarkable resemblance to his grandfather.

26-year-old Benjamin Keough, son of Elvis Presley’s only daughter 51-year-old Lisa Marie Presley is a very reserved person, and unlike his older sister Riley, a successful actress, he has mostly kept a low profile.

But each one of his rare public or social media appearances, often beside his mother to mark some special occasion related to his legendary late grandfather, is followed by a stir because of how much he resembles him.


A recent social media post by Lisa Marie shows the singer posing alongside her four children: Riley and Benjamin, from her first marriage, and Finley Aaron and Harper Vivienne, from her second.

The image, captioned “Mama Lion with cubs” react by pointing out how Benjamin looks exactly like “The King of Rock and Roll,” who passed away in 1977, aged 42.

“He does [look so much like Elvis] He was at the Opry and was the quiet storm behind the stage. Everybody turned around and looked when he was over there,” Lisa Marie told CMT in 2012.  

“Beautiful Mama Lion and beautiful cubs! Your son is a twin of your Dad! Nice family!” a user wrote in reply to the tweet.  

“Your son is the image of your dad, lovely family photo, sending love and great blessings to u all,” another user added. “That boy looks just like Elvis!” someone else stated in reference to Lisa Marie’s only son.


Lisa Marie hasn’t been very active on Twitter as of lately, and her followers used the opportunity to share how much they admired and missed Elvis, apart from congratulating her for her beautiful family.

Prior to publishing the family picture in question on June 20, Lisa Marie’s last post was on May 30, following Riley’s birthday, when the mother-of-four and her two younger daughters dedicated a song to Lisa Marie’s eldest child.

While Benjamin is not seen in the video, the family portrait that includes him was probably taken on the same day, considering what Riley was wearing in both posts.


Lisa Marie not only inherited some of her father’s love for singing, but she has also been known for her incredible likeness to Elvis, but with Benjamin being the only male descendant of the late musician, his resemblance to the “All Shook Up” singer is even more baffling, as she admits.

“He does [look so much like Elvis] He was at the Opry and was the quiet storm behind the stage. Everybody turned around and looked when he was over there,” Lisa Marie told CMT in 2012.  

“Everybody was grabbing him for a photo because it is just uncanny. Sometimes I am overwhelmed when I look at him,” she added.

Years have passed since Lisa Marie talked about this, but time has only made Benjamin’s resemblance to his grandfather more evident.

Like his mother and his grandfather, Benjamin has that lopsided grin, the same chin, and same blue eyes, with a shape much like Elvis.

The only major difference is that Keough is naturally blonde and curly, unlike Elvis’.


Before Lisa Marie’s post, the last time Benjamin was seen in public was on August 17, when the family celebrated a vigil at Elvis’ former home Graceland, in Memphis, to commemorate the singer’s death 40th anniversary.

Benjamin’s choice of a career is unclear at the moment, but his mother has explained that she trust him to do his own thing and she will be there to support him in anything he decides to do with his life.

While he has shown interest in acting, he hasn’t had many working opportunities in the field yet.

Benjamin doesn’t have any known social media accounts, so it is hard to keep track of him. Fortunately, his more extroverted sister Riley has shared a little about how their childhoods were like.

“I grew up very privileged with my mother. But my dad didn’t live like that. And I think experiencing both sides has been helpful. My father [Danny Keough] had mattresses on the floor of his apartments," Riley said.

"He lived in cabins and trailer parks. He just didn’t have much money,” the “American Honey” actress revealed. 

"My memories of growing up with him were so colorful and eccentric and fun. It was a good vibe, you know? When I was like eight I told him, ‘I want to grow up and be poor like you!’ He was eating a bowl of cereal. I didn’t realize how wildly offensive that was!" Riley recalled.


Lisa Marie is just recovering from a turbulent and much-covered divorce from her third husband Michael Lockwood, during which proceedings her opioid addiction surfaced.

She recently opened up about her past struggles with dependency to painkillers and opioids in the foreword she wrote for Harry Nelson’s book “The United States of Opioids: A Prescription for Liberating a Nation in Pain.”

“[It’s] a difficult path to overcome this dependence, and to put my life back together. Even in recent years, I have seen too many people I loved struggle with addiction and die tragically from this epidemic,” Lisa Marie stated.

“It is time for us to say goodbye to shame about addiction. We have to stop blaming and judging ourselves and the people around us… That starts with sharing our stories,” she added.

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