Jennifer Lopez's Daughter Says She Feels Comfortable While Singing on Stage with Her Mother

Emme, Jennifer Lopez's daughter, has recently been gathering fans with her angelic voice and all thanks to her performances during her mother's tour.

Lopez decided to take the 11-year-old with her on the It's My Party tour and hasn't regretted it since because Emme has been an absolute sensation.

During a short video for the pop singer's Youtube channel, Emme revealed that, despite the big crowds her mother draws in, she doesn't get stage fright anymore.


According to the youngster, she used to be very shy a few years ago, but singing at school and taking part in plays have helped her overcome her fears.

Emme revealed that she now feels comfortable on stage because she has done it before, although singing in front of thousands of people is far more stressful than singing in front of other students at school.


The 11-year-old must have inherited some of the stage presence from Lopez, as well as her father, Marc Anthony, because it is very rare to find someone with so much composure at such a young age.

Emme has been stepping on stage at every stop of the tour, performing her mother's 2018 hit "Limitless," and even appeared in the song's music video.

Singing at school and taking part in plays have helped her overcome her fears

The youngster showed the world her talent during a Youtube video in which she sang Alicia Key's "If I Ain't Got You" while Lopez stood by her side judging her performance.


Initially, even before starring in the music video, Lopez was not sure that her daughter would be able to handle the pressure of standing in front of the camera, but Emme proved her wrong.

The singer was afraid that the workload would take a toll on her daughter but, as it turned out, she had nothing to worry about because Emme seemed like a natural.

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