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Man with Fake Deed Allegedly Tries to Steal Halle Berry's LA Home

Monica Otayza
Jun 24, 2019
05:39 A.M.
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While Halle Berry was out working, a man was trying to trespass his way into her home in Los Angeles with a false deed. The man thought he was clever enough to present the deed to the police to help him change the locks, only to be busted by Berry's staff. 


59-year-old Ronald Eugene Griffin was arrested and charged with a felony count of procuring a false warranty deed and an additional count of petty theft. He allegedly first showed up at her L.A. mansion in January, where he tried to fiddle with the locks before fleeing the area after he was reprimanded by Berry's gardener. 


Just three months later, still convinced that he could break into the property, the LAPD received an alarming call from workers at the "Catwoman" actress' home, who said that Griffin was trying to get in with the help of a locksmith. Griffin even went so far as to claim that he was the new owner of the home and had the deed to prove it. 

Stranger Danger

While he managed to have one of the locks changed and even call the cops to report Halle's employees as trespassers, he was busted for faking the act all along. 

When the police arrived, Griffin stood firm and said that he owned the house, but detectives easily saw that the title of the home he had was a fraud. 


Meanwhile, Halle says that she had no idea who this man was, and definitely did not give him permission to be in her property. For Griffin, though, it didn't matter whose house it was, he just wanted a home to fraudulently claim. 

Another Robbery Incident

This isn't the first time Halle Berry's house has been the target of robbers, as just last year when everyone fled Malibu for the Woolsey fires, er beachfront home was invaded by sea pirates. 


The Oscar Award-winning actress was away from her $8-million-dollar home to keep safe from the fires, but it was her home that was left unsafe. 

A band of robbers set sail in the front of Halle's house. Seeing that the fire was close by but not close enough for it to reach the house, the pirates took their chance and looted the home. 

Berry lost some of her prized artwork and personal items, and it was clear that these pirates knew exactly what they were supposed to take and how valuable the items they took were. 

Now that the pirates are gone and her attempted robber's in jail, Halle can finally enjoy some peace and quiet with her two children in their own home.