Scott Conant of 'Chopped' Reveals His 30-Lb Weight Loss Transformation

Scott Conant is famously known for his role as a judge in the American reality cooking television show, “Chopped.” The star who recently lost 30 Lb. revealed the steps he took to reach that goal. 

Apart from being a judge on the hit cooking reality show, Scott is also a chef and a great one at that. "People Magazine" recently caught up with the famous chef, who just shed some weight and he gave insights into his weight loss regimen and how effective it was.


Scott explained that he lost weight after making some dietary changes. He cut out wheat and GMOs from his diet, and the effects from that change were instant. Within ten days, he had lost 12 pounds of weight.

The fact that he cut out wheat from his diet was amusing to the “Chopped” judge since he was a pasta chef. He noted that he didn’t include wheat in his menu unless it was for work.

In addition to cutting out wheat and GMOs, Scott also added intermittent fasting and daily workouts to his routine. With intermittent fasting, he restricted himself to eating within the hours of 12 noon and 7 pm. Not long after this was in effect, he lost an extra eighteen pounds, totalling thirty pounds of weight loss. 


Getting to lose weight can be a difficult task as one has to adjust to the changes. It wouldn’t be unexpected to find yourself going back to old ways once in a while. That fact isn’t lost on Scott as he keeps to his dietary changes.

He admitted to falling short a lot of times on his program as he gets to travel a lot, hence falling back to his old habits. He explained that he believed in moderation and not killing one’s self or overindulging.

He further said that if he got to eat a bowl of pasta, he wouldn’t beat himself up, as the next day was another opportunity to start over.


Most people who have undergone a weight loss program seem to get inspired by something or someone. For Scott Conant, his father was his inspiration. Scott may have just lost 30 pounds, but he has been working on his health for some years now.

The chef battled some health issues three years ago, and after losing his father, he was determined to do something about his predicament, so that he would be there for his two cute daughters. First, he decided to quit drinking before taking further steps.

Today, the results are a fitter, slimmer, better-looking chef. Scott is an interesting and fun loving personality. He owns a host of Italian restaurants in major US cities like New York, Toronto, Las Vegas and Beverly Hills. There is more to the onion-hating judge than you think you know. 

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