Meghan Markle Upgrades Her Engagement Ring as Eagle-Eyed Media Notice New Details

Royal fans are back at it again! This time, keen observers have noticed that Meghan Markle has made an upgrade to her engagement ring. 

It appears that the Duchess of Sussex has had her engagement ring redesigned, according to "Town & Country." The formerly yellow gold band is now a band studded with lots of diamonds. The ring is a rather eye-boggling one with the many little diamonds set about the three central stones.

Everyone wants to keep abreast of anything that goes on with the Royals making it no surprise that Markle's subtle change to her ring is making headlines.

Some nitpicky observers made the discovery recently after the former actress made her first public appearance since the delivery of her first child, Archie. 

It was at Trooping the Colour, a special event held annually in honour of Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. Markle’s mere presence caused a media frenzy, and everyone had their eyes on every move the new mother made.

During the occasion, fans got all caught up in Markle attending the parade and showing off her new eternity ring which is believed to be a gift from Prince Harry for either their first wedding anniversary or the birth of Archie. 

The excitement over the couple's apparent affection for each other almost made avid royal fans overlook that there is now a slight change to Markle's engagement ring.

Placing photos of the ring when it was first unveiled a few years ago beside recent photos of Markle's fingers show that the three-story engagement ring has been reset and now sports a slim micro-pavé band. 

The exact time of the change remains unconfirmed as the Duchess didn't wear the ring while she was pregnant. While many thought this to be because of the many physiological changes that were happening to her body, many now speculate that it may have been because she was having the ring redesigned.

However, even if so, there was still enough time for her to flaunt it which she didn't and so, some also believe that it is an entirely new ring! 

The one sure thing, however, is that Markle seems to have had the ring for some time now because a close look at the ring in baby Archie's first photo shows that it had the new design even back then. 

Fans have expressed curiosity wondering what sparked the change or whether it is just another one of Prince Harry's tender gifts as he is known for his thoughtfulness when it comes to gifting his lovely wife.

Back when fans first saw it, the three-stone engagement ring had been deemed swoon-worthy, especially after the revelation that the stones, which hold beautiful meanings, were specially chosen by the Prince. It is why many are so curious about the elegant upgrade to Markle's ring as well as her new eternity ring. 

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