Ciara on the Pain of Her Parents Divorcing after 33 Years of Marriage

The American pop star, Ciara, fights to keep her eyes dry, during a revelation about her parent's separation after being together for over three decades.

In the course of an interview, the singer talked about a series of events in her life, and how she has had to deal with it. She expressed her devastation over her mother and father's divorce but said both of them have given love another try, and have settled with their new partners.

 She admitted that after her parents, Carlton and Jackie Harris' relationship hit rock bottom she was shocked as she didn't see it coming. The pair have been together for about thirty-three years. 

According to her:

"My parents were married for 33years and are not together anymore. However, they are both happily married, so it's good. Imagine you go for 33years of mom and dad being together, and when I had my child, my son, my first child (Future) I was like I just know mommy and daddy that made a baby was what the scenario was supposed to be. That was like, woah, when that happened."

Ciara, who is currently a mother of two and married to Russell Wilson, stated that her parent's relationship became turbulent at about the same time when she started dating her husband in 2015.

She may have been worried when she got the news, but that didn't stop her from pitching her tent at romance with her beau whom she got married to a year later.

The mother of two shares series of incredible images online, continually reminding her fans that she is living her best! She sure did a fantastic job in conquering her fears.

The "level up" crooner also revealed her state of mind after her fall out with Future who happened to be the father of her first child.

She said:

"The one thing I fear in life is really wasting my time. I really fear that 'cause you realise that time does not stop, and it will be the worst scenario to stay in a situation that is just not healthy. I realised that I have to start making different decisions."

The consciousness from the songstress was inspired by her mom and dad's relationship, as she explained that her growing up experience of seeing her parents together challenged her to strive for the same thing!

Apart from appearing on point with her husband and kids at events, the mother of two always tries to spend quality time with her babies. She recently posted a pool bonding time photo that had the sportswoman, Serena Williams in it with her baby, while Ciara was also with her daughter.


She is not just an incredible mom who overcomes challenges, but also a fun-loving soul!

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