Matt Roloff Shares a Photo of His Grownup Son ‘Baby J’ in a Suit for His Upcoming Wedding

Matt Roloff from the popular television show "Little People, Big World" shares a photograph of his son, Jacob Roloff in a suit as he prepares for his wedding with his fiancee Isabel Rock.

Jacob is one of American actor, Matt Roloff and ex-wife Amy Roloff's children. Their marriage lasted for 27 years after which the couple got separated in March 2014 and finally got divorced in May 2016.

Before their separation, the couple raised their four kids together with three being of average height and Zachary possessing the "dwarfism gene" in his parents.

Matt's youngest child, Jacob Roloff, who is known as the black sheep of the Roloff family because of his retirement from the "Little People, Big World" television show in 2016, is about to get married to Painter and social media star Isabel Rock. Matt shared a photograph of Jacob as he tries a suit for his big day.

Jacob and Isabella met each other after he quit the reality show and focused on writing. The two got acquainted through their desire for art; Jacob is focused on writing and has a popular blog where he shares his thoughts and Isabella is focused on visual art.

After dating for a while, Jacob popped the "big question" on the 25th of December 2017, as the couple were on a trip to Iceland. On the 8th of September 2018, Isabella announced their wedding date — the 7th of September, 2019.

She stated the challenges she was facing in an Instagram post and captioned the photo, saying:

"This has been a really challenging season of life for me, and for us, and we have been in ‘transition’ for what feels like an eternity. I know it is all part of our journey, and I am trying to honour that while also manage my anxiety.”

The couple has however decided that their wedding would not be televised. Just like Molly Roloff's wedding with Joel Silvius, Jacob and Isabella will be keeping their marriage private, away from cameras and the entire TLC universe.

The news didn't come as a surprise to the fans, after Jacob's departure from the show in 2016, accusing the producers of creating unnecessary "drama" for ratings. 

While some may welcome the news without any complaints, other fans who had monitored the Roloff family's growth over time, wished the opposite was the case. 

When asked if the marriage would be televised, Jacob responded,

"Thanks! Molly’s was not televised, and neither will ours be! Sorry". 

While fans understand Jacob and Isabella's intentions to keep things private, they, however, anticipate pictures of the wedding on different social media platforms.

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