Steve & Marjorie Harvey Celebrate 12 Years of Marriage with Sweet Tributes

Steve and Marjorie Harvey were rumored to be getting divorced following two of Steve's show cancelations, but as they celebrate their 12th anniversary with one another, they prove that they're going stronger than ever. 

On June 2007, Steve and Marjorie Harvey exchanged vows. While this marriage was Steve's third, he constantly shares how this would be his last, and that Marjorie is his one true love. 

Now that they're celebrating yet another milestone together, they showed off their playful sides on Instagram, sharing adorable tributes for one another. 

A Youthful Couple

Marjorie posted a photo of themselves on an inflatable bouncy slide, looking very happy to be spending some down time with each other. On her caption, she wrote: 

"God has renewed our youth like the eagles. Happy Anniversary my love." 

Steve also made sure to put some humor in his own post, captioning his tribute with "Happy anniversary to the chick of my dreams."

A Hilarious Response

Steve and Marjorie Harvey made sure to smash all the rumors of their alleged divorce, posting a video with their son, Broderick Harvey Jr. 

The couple shut down all baseless claims with a hilarious video, where Harvey Jr. approached his parents to ask if they were getting a divorce. Steve and Marjorie then proceed to joke around that it must be true. 

Steve asks Marjorie if she's leaving him, and she then asks Broderick if she was supposed to leave her husband. 

Going Broke?

Hoping to stop all rumors at once, they also addressed one that tried to say that the Harvey family was going broke. Joking around, Steve asked his wife to bring back all her clothes to the stores: "You gotta take all of that off." Examining her black gown, she asked:

"Did you spend all the money or did I spend all of it?"

Well, it's clear that these two are definitely getting stronger as time goes by, and their 12th anniversary is proof of their love.

Happy Anniversary, Steve and Marjorie! 

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