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LL Cool J Says His 'Black Lips' Didn't Get Any Love from Chapstick Companies

Oyin Balogun
Jun 29, 2019
11:47 A.M.
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LL Cool J revealed he once got rejected by Chapstick companies because of his “Black lips,” amid other revelations.


LL Cool J has been in the Entertainment industry for a long time and is successful as an actor and rap artist, so it’s hard to imagine him getting discriminated. Despite this fact, it happened to the actor as he recently revealed.


Paparazzi caught up with LL Cool J as he exited a building in midtown New York, and as they took pictures of him posing with fans, one asked if he had ever gotten approached for a Chapstick deal.

The rapper laughed at the question, saying the companies didn’t like his “Black lips,” then, thereby hinting that he never got a deal because of racial discrimination. The paparazzi also asked the rapper-actor if he had any new film coming up or plans to return to the music scene.


 LL Cool J said the new season of his CBS show “NCIS: Los Angeles” is about to be premiered, and he revealed that he plans to release one more album, before hanging up his raping hat.

The “Mama Said Knock You Out” rapper has released thirteen studio albums; twelve with his former record label, Def Jam records, and the last one “Authentic” in 2013, with S-Bro.


The NCIS star also has two compilation albums, and he didn’t reveal if the new album would be under S-Bro or when he plans to start recording. Apart from music and acting, the actor is famous for always smacking and licking his lips, which is why the paparazzi made the Chapstick comment.

Interestingly, the rap singer had negotiations with the company in 2007 to represent their lip balm product. At the time, LL Cool J was trying to branch into the world of advertising on the advice of his then-management company, Violator Artist Management.


The management company at the time was working on the brand extension strategy of their artists, and in line with that, they tried to secure the endorsement deal for the rap artist.

The plan was to expand his celebrity status by capitalizing on the brand he had already created for himself, but based on the CBS star's reveal, it didn’t work out.

It’s been over a decade since it happened, and LL Cool J is a bigger star now than he was back then, whose focus is on his career and not on Chapstick.