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June 29, 2019

Robin Roberts & Girlfriend Amber Laign Are All Smiles at WBHOF Induction Ceremony

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The renowned television presenter, Robin Roberts recently updated her Instagram with a fresh picture of herself and her beau after an outing.

An image of Robin and her girlfriend, Amber Laign newly surfaced online. After both women hung out, the former thoughtfully uploaded a photo showing their happy smiling faces. 


"Last Sunday we were heading home from Las Vegas...this Sunday sweet Amber and I are heading home from " Knox Vegas!" We had a rock n' great time joining a group of friends to celebrate a long time BFF being inducted into the @wbhof. Special how all the honorees mentioned #patsummit in their remarks. We always think of Pat too when we're in Knoxville #BlessedSunday."

The Good Morning America host does not fail to hide just how much she loves and adores her girlfriend. The pair have been together for about a decade and seems to be waxing stronger by the day.


While Robin is a seasoned TV anchor, Amber is a certified massage therapist, although she had once worked as a sales marketer for Berger & Stevens.

They stop at nothing to spend time together. Both women go on vacations, and even though Amber prefers life away from the camera, she is not bothered when they are photographed together. 


The duo never misses a beat to show their support for each other when they are out in public, they are captured with genuine smiles on their faces. Amber attends just about any function with her lover. 

When her beau was nominated for ESPN's Arthur Ashe Award for Courage, she was right there, and the therapist was also present at the Elton John's Oscar bash. Isn't it just lovely how these two appear in nearly all their outings together?


Their ages are about fifteen years apart, but that poses no hindrance, as they have learned to accept each other. Even their families have shown their fondness towards them.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Amber's mom, Ladonna Laign, revealed how excited her family is over her daughter's choices. She said:

"We are very happy and totally supportive."

This is not the first time Ladonna will be addressing her daughter's relationship. Back in 2014, after the TV talk show host publicly serenaded her beau with sweet words and confirmed that she made her feel the "happiest," Ladonna explained how she felt towards the whole situation.  


"Her father and I are thrilled to death. It's not a shock to us. The only shock is how interested everyone is. Our family is very happy, we are just thrilled to death for them, and wishing them the best of luck. Robin is just like a daughter to me; she's the best." Ladonna.



In the course of celebrating the twelve months anniversary from the recovery of the myelodysplastic disease that nearly claimed her life,  Robin posted on her Facebook page about her gratitude to her family and her babe! 

She wrote:

"... I am grateful to my entire family, my longtime girlfriend Amber. I am grateful for the many prayers and well wishes for my recovery."


Last year, Robin talked about how early she begins her day. The cancer survivor explained that she maintains a healthy diet, eat vitamin gummies, and usually skips breakfast. 

The TV host who publicly declared her relationship to Amber in 2013, stops at nothing to show the world how much she means to her, so whether it's a Facebook or Instagram post they always have a great time!