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Here's How Ice-T Lost His Beloved Parents Four Years Apart

Comfort Omovre
Jun 29, 2019
01:37 P.M.
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Ice-T, in his 2011 memoir, revealed how he lost his parents four years apart, and his reaction at the time is quite fascinating.


In 2011, legendary rap star and actor, Ice-T released a memoir “ICE: A Gangster Life and Redemption. From South Central to Hollywood,” and it revealed how he lost his parents four years apart.


The rap star debunked the stories that his parents died from a fiery car crash, noting that he was the one who got into a fatal accident decades after they passed away.

According to Ice-T, he had an excellent suburban life in Newark, New Jersey, that was quiet and simple, until the third grade when his mother, whom he described as supportive, caring, and smart, died suddenly from a heart attack.

After her death, the actor who didn’t shed a tear moved on with his father, who tried his best to provide for him financially but not emotionally.

Ice-T's father, who worked as a mechanic in a conveyor company, died four years later, from a heart attack too. The rap star wrote that he was 12-years old at the time, and in seventh grade, and his aunt who lived close to the house the actor shared with his father, broke the news to him.


Once again, Ice-T didn’t cry for the only parent he had left, and both his parents died in their thirties, leaving their young son as an orphan. While relatives tried to console the young orphan, the “Law and Order: SVU” star was trying to figure out how to make it on his own, as his survival instinct kicked in.

It was the quest for survival that took the legendary rapper to California where he had to find a way to stay out of gangs, and he later revealed that getting everyone to love him kept him safe.


However, it was not until the “Colours” singer served in the 25th infantry of the U.S Army, did he decide to go into rap music. According to Ice-T, he heard “Rappers Delight” and told himself he could do rap.

The rap star released his first album “Rhyme Pays” in ’87 with Warner Bros, and it became the first album to have a parent advisory sticker.

The New Jersey native also branched into acting, getting his first significant role in the TV series, “New Jack City,” and he has starred in “Law and Order: SVU” for about two decades.

These days, Ice-T is focused on film and directing, and giving his children more affection than he had from his parents, whose memories have become vague with time.