Here's Why 'Counting On' Fans Believe that Jill Duggar's Instagram is a Cry for Help

Netizens have raised suspicion that Jill Duggar's recent Instagram posts are some form of unspoken pleas. 

A Reddit user sparked the fast going viral notion that the famous “Counting On” star’s recipe posts on Instagram are a silent cry for help. 

On February 2, Jill took to Instagram to share the picture of barbecue tuna, a recipe she reveals she learnt from her famous reality star father, Jim Bob Duggar. While a few fans seemed to like the recipe and even actually tried it out, a notable number criticised the unusual meal. 

The heavy criticism is nothing new on Jill’s Instagram, but the Reddit user has turned things around by trying to explain the reason for Jill's weird recipe post.

The anonymous user’s writeup is titled “the true desperation of Jill Dillard, or, why BBQ Tuna actually matters.” It details that the recipe is just one of Jill's ways of trying to get back into her father's good books. 

According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, the Duggars, who are known for the conservative rules to which the family strictly adheres to, have reportedly chosen to leave Jill out of their dealings because she is a “tattle tale” and also because of their strained relationship with her husband, Derrick Dillard.

The Reddit user also mentions this and pushes that Jill must be feeling terrible these days because she “thrived on having the positive attention of her parents.” 

The user wrote, feigning what Jill must have been thinking:

"Look, Daddy!" she cries in desperation, in loneliness, "Don't you love me any more? I remember all the foods you like and told the whole world! I miss you! So I posted about BBQ Tuna!" 

Aside from that, there is also a mention that another reason Jill may be trying to get back in her family's good grades is because of what she may fear waits for her in the afterlife. The well-detailed post, with its rather blunt exposition, has elicited various reactions from fans and it is most notably pity for Jill. 

One user, @STRiPESandShades wrote:

“Agreed. They push her away because, in essence, she is the reflection of their failures. And all she can do is reach out with anything she can.”

Another @jaskmin said:    

“I really feel bad for Jill honestly, I know it's weird, but when I watched Kac growing up, she was always my favourite one (before I knew how dark it truly was I just thought they were really weird). But her life really doesn't seem happy.”

Here's to hoping Jill does find peace again. 

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