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Oprah & Gayle Have Different Ideas on What to Do If Your Friend's Partner Is Cheating

Jaimie-lee Prince
Jun 26, 2019
05:01 P.M.
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Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King revealed that even if they're best friends, they won't always do the same thing for each other in sticky situations.


In the latest installment of The OG Chronicles, the longtime friends sat down and answered questions from viewers. Their answers were sometimes surprising as they were so different.

Oprah, 65, and King, 64, have been friends for over 43 years. According to Oprah Mag, they met in 1976 at WJZ station in Baltimore. A clip of their advice video is found below.

If a friend's partner is speaking around

The two have been through endless situations together, but when asked to help out others with their friendship, they had differing perspectives. One of the topics which came up was what to do when you find out your friend's partner may be sneaking around.


Here was the situation:

"The other night, I saw my friend's husband out to drinks with another woman. They weren't doing anything inappropriate. It was a Thursday after work around happy hour. When I said 'hi' he acted kind of weird and didn't introduce her. I don't want to start anything between them. Should I say something?"

King easily knew what her response would be. "I would say something to him," she said, then explained, "I would go to and I would say, 'Look, I'm going to give you 24 hours and if you don't tell her, I'm going to.' But I would go and say something to him first."

Oprah would go straight to the friend


In stark contrast, Oprah told King she would speak directly to her [friend] if that happened. "I would say something to you. I wouldn't say anything to him. I'd go to you and I'd say, 'I saw him.'"


The iconic talk show host used the situation to address intuition, saying, "I've spoken many times in life about whispers and how life is always whispering to you."

She continued:

"When you walk in a situation and there's a part of your whole being that just goes, hm, something ain't right. It isn't. That's your instinct trying to tell you that it isn't."


If a friend wants to borrow money

The two also tackled the matter of loaning friends money. Oprah said it simply shouldn't be done, while King was worried. "What if your friend is in trouble?" she asked.

Oprah had a smart response: "Give your friend the money and say, ‘Look, I’m just gonna do this for you, you don’t even have to pay me back.’ Cause loaning friends money will cause you major issues in the friendship.”


If a white friend uses the N-word

The two women were mostly in agreement about the use of the N-word, however. When someone asked about their white friend singing the N-word at concerts, King was blunt. "[Just say] 'Stop!' "

At first, Oprah addressed the circumstances of it being a concert where the person might simply be singing along, but she eventually conceded. "I don't like the N-word — period," she said.


King has been through her own difficult times

The question about a possible cheating husband brings to mind King's own unfortunate situation in which her ex-husband cheated on her back in 1990. Once again, it was on an episode of OG Chronicles where she revealed details.

The CBS anchor witnessed her then-husband in bed with another woman, who was actually supposed to be her friend. When she was discovered, the unremorseful woman told King, "I never liked you."

King said she's moved past the situation, but Oprah suggested that she might have been scarred from it and that's why she's become hesitant to make new friends.


As for Oprah's involvement back then, King once said that due to the divorce, her best friend showed up for a holiday so she wouldn't have to spend it alone. Her husband had the kids at the time.

King said it was the best thing Oprah did for her as a friend. We're so happy that these two are still as close as ever and have such an enduring friendship.

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