Bonnie Chapman Reportedly Asked DTBH Fans for 'Some Space' Shortly Before Beth's Tragic Death

Beth Chapman’s daughter, Bonnie, reportedly asked fans to give her some space hours before her mother passed away. The 20-year-old was displeased with the bulk of messages sent by fans to check on her.

People grieve differently. While some like an outpouring of love from those around them, others would rather be left alone.

Days before news of Beth Chapman’s death broke out, her daughter Bonnie reportedly asked fans of “Dog The Bounty Hunter” to give her some space. 

The 20-year-old took to her Instagram story on Monday, June 25, to plead with her fans to let her be.  As reported by PopCulture, the daughter of Duane and Beth Chapman wrote:

“Please do not contact me via my business email about my mother. I get you want to support, but right now I need some space.”

This came after the Chapman family confirmed the previous day that Beth was hospitalized and had been placed in a medically induced coma. 

Unfortunately, it seems Beth couldn’t recover from the coma as it was announced that she had passed away. Her husband broke the devastating news to fans on Twitter today. 

He revealed that his beloved wife passed away by 5:32 in Hawaii and 


Shortly after her mother’s demise, Bonnie took to social media platforms to pay tribute to her dear mother.  In a series of Tweets, Bonnie celebrated the woman that her mother was. 

Bonnie expressed the pain she felt at the death of her mother as she never thought she would have to lose her mum at the age of 20.

She also shared a slideshow of her mother's photo, including one of her hands while she was in the hospital. 

"So thankful to call you my mother. Rest In Peace, mom. I love you so much, Bonnie captioned the post."

A representative for the Chapmans told PEOPLE that Beth was surrounded by her loved ones as she took her last breath. Her husband, Dog, was holding at hand until her final moments.

Beth’s battle with throat cancer began in September 2017 when they opened up about her diagnosis. 

Beth is survived by her husband, Dog and their four children: Cecily Chapman, Bonnie Chapman, Gary Chapman, and Dominic Davis. Our hearts go out to her loved ones. The world would surely remember Beth! 

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