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Gabrielle Union's Baby Kaavia Is 'Angry' and Growls at Playdate in Funny Video

Aby Rivas
Jun 29, 2019
12:34 P.M.
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Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s daughter, Kaavia James, is a boss baby and she let her playdate know that in a unique but effective way: by growling at him. Kaavia keeps honoring her nickname of “shady baby,” and fans can’t get enough of her shenanigans.


Kaavia James was not happy in the presence of a little boy last weekend, and for lack of words, the adorable tot expressed herself by grunting and growling at the clueless toddler.



Gabby Union took to Instagram to share a hilarious clip of her 7-months-old daughter, letting a new friend know who is in charge. In the video, Kaavia was being held while her playdate, a little boy, walked around and smiled at her.

At some point, Kaavia even tried to reach for the boy, but he got away just in time. Then, the excited toddler started to respond to Kaavia’s grunting with yells, and they had a back and forth under the stares of the amused adults behind the cameras.


“Men are from Mars... @kaaviajames is angry. I. Cannot. Take. It. #PlaydateShowdown,” Union captioned the video, adding a series of laughing emojis for emphasis.


Fans were quick to react to the video, hilariously trying to decipher what was going through baby Kaavia’s mind.

“I feel like there was some cussing in what she was saying,” wrote one user.


Another added,

“She’s learning early that boys don’t listen. She told him to get over there like 5 times.”

And a third one pointed out:

“She said there's only enough attention for one shady baby around here..”



Union, 36, previously told People that although Kaavia looks like her father, she definitely gets her attitude from mom.

“She looks just like Dad, but I’d like to think the attitude is from me,” Union said. “She will stare into your soul and tell you about yourself through her eyes.”


The adorable tot earned the nickname of “shady baby” because of her severe, sometimes judging, facial expressions, which accompanied by Union’s creative captions on the girl’s Instagram account, make for a perfect role-play that fans love.

“I’m not exactly sure what to think of it, but it tickles me and my husband,” Gabby said of fans interacting with Kaavia on social media as if she was the one actually writing her captions. “‘Cause she can barely control her neck or her eyeballs. God bless. You know what? Enjoy it.”


Although most of Union’s fans have nothing but love and respect for her and her family, there are always some trolls or mommy-shammers trying to ruin the fun for everyone else. For them, Gabby’s message is clear:

“If you’ve been rocking with me, in my misery and my pain and my failures, I want you to enjoy my joys,” she says. “If you can’t just sit back and enjoy the miracles without offering every piece of advice Nana ever gave you, it’s okay to unfollow. It’s okay to just enjoy the ride.”