July 14, 2019

Meghan McCain Defends Her Husband, Says She Wouldn’t Have Survived Her Dad’s Cancer without Him

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Meghan McCain once again stood up for her husband, and this time, she says he is the reason she survived her dad's cancer, amid other things.

Meghan McCain is no stranger to controversy, but this time, she is speaking out in defence of her husband, Ben Domenech, after he got criticized by Joan Walsh.



Walsh, a correspondent for CNN and The Nation called McCain and Domenech “Dirty and creepy” on Twitter. The journalist criticized the couple over the “Kamala is a cop” T-shirts “The View” host’s husband, is selling on his website, The Federalist.

Walsh questioned the couple's intentions, asking if they are supporting Kamala Harris' bid for the presidency, or they are trolling her, adding that she plans to look into it.



While the journalist is looking into it, McCain shared several tweets in defence of Domenech and herself. In the first, the TV host accused the “Liberal media” of obsessing over her marriage because she and her husband, are conservatives. 

The Arizona native, questioned if the media think their comments would affect her marriage, making it clear that she went through her father's — Senator John McCain — brain cancer diagnosis with Domenech.


In another tweet, McCain added that she would not have survived the late senator’s battle with cancer and death if not for her husband of almost two years, writing at the end that she is “Lucky and blessed” for what they have.


In the third tweet, the TV personality asked the public if they blame Domenech for the things she says on “The View,” pointing out that they are two different people with separate views, who love and respect each other.



McCain equally noted that her husband is the love of her life, and she had no patience or place for what she termed “Third wave modern feminism.”

The TV host and Domenech got married in November 2017, in a private ceremony at her family’s home in Sedona, Arizona. Domenech is a political commentator, writer, editor, blogger, and an avid supporter of the Republican Party. 


He is no stranger to bad press, and he allegedly resigned from his position with The Washington Post in 2006 after facing allegations of plagiarism.

The conservative writer equally got accused in 2013 of receiving money to write an article criticizing the Malaysian government. He denied both allegations, and they were not proven.

Meghan and Domenech will continue to face criticisms for their unpopular views, but on the bright side, they have each other for support, and the TV host is gradually becoming a clap back queen.