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Eminem's Father Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr Passes Away at 67

Bettina Dizon
Jun 27, 2019
09:27 A.M.
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Eminem’s estranged father, who infamously gained notice through his son's hateful songs, passed away, without the rapper ever meeting him.


Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr., better known as “Bruce,” passed away at age 67, according to TMZ. The famous rapper’s biological father reportedly suffered a heart attack at his home in Indiana, yet his cause of death is yet to be verified.


Eminem’s history with his father was nothing short of unpleasant, as documented in his songs. Mathers grew popular after being the center of hatred in Eminem’s raps, “My Name Is” and “Cleanin’ Out My Closet.” 


“I wonder if he even kissed me goodbye. No, I don’t. On second thought I just [expletive] wished he would die,” he wrote in his track. 


In her memoir “My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem,” Debbie Nelson, Eminem’s mother, shared a glimpse of her life with Mathers. She was 15, and he was 22 when they decided to tie the knot, and two years later, had Eminem.


Shortly after, their marriage ended in divorce as Mathers reportedly physically abused Nelson. In 2004, the famous rapper told Rolling Stone that his father’s family took him under their wing, but was never spoken to by his father.

“A lot of times he’d call, and I’d be there -- maybe I’d be on the floor coloring or watching TV -- and it wouldn’t have been nothing for him to say, ‘Put him on the phone,” he recalled. “He coulda talked to me, let me know something. ‘Cause as far as father figures; I didn’t have any in my life.”



Growing up, the “Not Afraid” rapper would write to his father, but the mail would come back to him marked “return to sender.” In 2001, after Eminem’s career heightened, Mathers penned a letter which was published in the newspaper, explaining their story.

Eminem now has his own daughter, Hailie, whom he often mentions in his songs. The two have maintained a close and healthy relationship, although she admits she has no interest in music, unlike her father.

She studied psychology at Michigan State University and considers pursuing a career as a social media influencer.