Emanne Beasha, 10, Gets a Standing Ovation after Her Powerful AGT Performance of the Opera 'Nessun Dorma'

A 10-year-old left the audience of America’s Got Talent spell-bound after she delivered a perfect rendition of “Nessun Dorma.” At the end of her performance, all the judges were on their feet in applause and appreciation of her talent.

The Tuesday episode of the famous talent reality show, "America’s Got Talent" witnessed a special moment as a talented preteen, Emanne Beasha left the audience and judges in awe of her talent.

After her performance, the amazed judges unanimously granted her safe passage into the show’s next round of this year’s edition.


After the show’s host, Terry Crews ushered her in, Julianne Hough one of the show’s judges received her and asked her some questions about herself. Emanne, aged ten, is the only daughter of her parents.

Her father and brothers were a part of the audience, while her mom supported her from backstage. She hails from Florida, and her father owns an Ice cream shop.

When Julianne discovered that Emmanne’s favourite ice cream flavours were the same as hers, she jokingly said that they were on a good start and beckoned on the young sensation to go on with her performance. 


After taking in a few deep breaths and getting over her nervousness, Emmanne took centre stage and delivered a beautiful performance. Her performance belied her age as she showed so much maturity in her delivery of the opera tune.

Before long, she had all members of the audience wowed and standing in amazement. Soon enough, the judges followed, and at the end of her performance, she received a standing ovation and a wild round of applause.


After Emmanne’s performance, the judges could hardly bring themselves to terms with describing what they had just saw. Julianna Hough asked her how she got that voice out of her little body, while Simon Cowell, known for being hard to please, described her performance as fantastic.

Mandel wondered how someone of her age could perform opera music and told her that her dreams would come true. Gabriella Union agreed that the young talent is indeed talented and tagged her a star.


Emmanne’s performance was not the only one to wow the audience and judges on Tuesday. A South African Youth choir also left them stunned with their performance of their song, “My African Dream.”

The song described the group’s journey from South Africa to the grandest stage, and they sure lived that dream with their amazing performance. 

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