Stevie J Asks Judge to Throw Joseline Hernandez in Jail in Bonnie Bella Custody Battle

The drama between Stevie and Joseline Joseline Hernandez has taken a sharper turn with the record producer filing new papers accusing the Puerto Rican star of violating the provisions of his visitation rights. Joseline isn’t backing down. 

The war between exes Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez has escalated into possible jail time for the latter. Stevie has asked the court to throw the mother of his 2-year-old in jail for getting in the way of his visitation rights. Joseline responded by denying his claims. 


As a result of their 2018 custody agreement, Joseline was awarded primary physical custody of their daughter, Bonnie Bella while both parents were given joint legal custody. This entitled Stevie to visitation rights and obligated him to pay $1,000 a month in child support. 

However, it seems Stevie hasn’t been getting his end of the bargain. He told the court the “Love & Hip Hop” star has been preventing him from seeing their daughter. According to The Blast, his exact words in his court documents stated Joseline “prohibited regular visitation and parenting time.”

"...he would travel to Florida just to see Bella but would be denied by Joseline. He cites five times this happened..."


Since Joseline moved to Miami with Bonnie, this made it more difficult for Stevie who lives in Georgia to see their child. However, he explained to the court that he would travel to Florida just to see Bella but would be denied by Joseline. He cites five times this happened coming to the conclusion that Joseline was purposely barring him from seeing Bonnie. 

Moreover, he claimed the Latina star does not include him in important decisions regarding their daughter such as matters concerning her healthcare, education, and religion.

Stevie warned, “I was trying to avoid the unnecessary, but the necessary has to occur.”


If you recall, we previously shared a clip of Stevie complaining about being sent away after driving miles to Florida to pick up Bonnie. His other daughter, Sade was with him during the drive. However, he said Joseline didn’t allow him to take Bonnie with him making that incident the fifth time she did that. Stevie warned, “I was trying to avoid the unnecessary, but the necessary has to occur.”

It seems Stevie made good with his threat and has now taken legal action. He requested that Joseline be thrown in jail for failing to uphold the terms in their custody agreement. He also asked that he be given visitation dates to make up for the five times he was shunned. 


Meanwhile, Joseline’s response was to deny all of Stevie’s allegations. She likewise asked to strike out Stevie’s request to send her in jail and ultimately throw the case out the window. She insists she never denied him his visitation nor did he leave him out of important decisions.

Knowing Stevie and Joseline and their volatile history, this drama is far from over. With both camps hot on each other, we can expect this story to further unfold. Hopefully, they can soon iron out their issues for the benefit of the one person they’re fighting over, their daughter.  

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