Woman Licks Ice Cream before Putting It Back in the Supermarket Freezer

A woman is fast going viral after she did the unimaginable. While walking through a supermarket, she opened an ice cream bowl and took a quick lick! 

The internet is currently in a frenzy after a woman was captured on tape as she took a big swipe out of a bowl of Blue Bell Ice Cream at the supermarket using her tongue.

The most outrageous and perhaps startling part of the video was watching the woman cover the bowl and put it right back in the freezer where she met it! Cringe! 


Twitter users are not taking things easy with the woman, and many netizens took to the social media platform to air their views. A user, @BlindDensetsu first shared the short clip on June 29 and captioned it, 

“What kinda psychopathic behavior is this!?” he wrote enraged


The post has since elicited varying reactions from other users, and they are not so nice. A significant number charged that the woman should face the law. One user, @dfunkedtt said:

“Assuming this isn't just shot for reactions, and she really put the ice cream back for someone else to buy - it should be a felony.”

One other user, @Kaylei06856904, decided to stick to the fact that the video may have been a prank of sorts and implored the others to stay calm. 

“She probs licked it, put it back just for the camera, then bought it. yall need to calm down,” she wrote



Since it surfaced, the video has continuously circulated all over the internet. Now it has drawn the attention of the public to the fact that the ice cream, a “Blue Bell” product, never had a seal, to begin with!

Although the woman has remained anonymous despite the popularity of the video, she has caused big trouble for the company. A Twitter user, @PleaseBeGneiss raised the question on the platform. 

“W-where is the plastic seal,” the tweet reads and another user,

@BlueHogReport responded that

“Blue Bell doesn't have one.”

While many chose to take the video as comic relief, an even more significant number are infuriated at how seemingly easy it had been for the young woman to commit the act and get away with it; thanks to the fact that the ice cream didn't have a plastic seal. That incompetence is mainly why “Blue Bell,” is currently under fire. 


To douse tension, the ice cream company issued a public response to the ongoing debate about the quality and safety of their products. They implored the public to ignore the somewhat demeaning video and asked that every person be vigilant whenever they have purchased a bowl of their ice cream.

They also explained that they had alerted the authorities about the video and that investigation are already underway. 

“We will continue to monitor this situation,” the company wrote in conclusion

Their words may sound reassuring, but there is no denying that the video will remain with many for a very long time. 

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