Ciara Slammed by 'Devout Christian' for Performing at World Pride

Monica Otayza
Jul 03, 2019
08:21 P.M.
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Ciara happily took part in this year's World Pride, and now she's getting some hate from a "devout" Christian for supporting the LGBTQ community. 


The "Level Up" singer was one of the acts that celebrated World Pride at The Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York last Wednesday, where she performed with Todrick Hall. 

"We are to love yes, but we are not to promote sin! God hates sin!"

Allies of the LGBTQ Community

This concert was in celebration of Pride Month, full of month-long festivities that aim to provide the LGBTQ community with the acknowledgment and support that they need. 


When Ciara posted about the event on Instagram, she was met with somewhat positive comments. However, there was one woman who decided to give her a piece of her mind about "not promoting sin." 

"And... just like that! 1st ever World #Pride at Barclays in NY! Yay! We did it! Thank you to everyone who was a part of this magical and historical moment!" 

A Devout Christian "judging sin"

The woman, named Felicia as her Instagram handle stated, shared that while she's a devout fan of Ciara, she's disappointed that she started supporting something that God was against. 


"I am so proud and happy for you especially when you started to promote Christianity and the love of God! But I will tell you this out of love and as devout Christian myself, even if it was a video and it was not serious, by you promoting something that God is against is wrong.” 

She then goes on to say that a Christian can judge sin, and proceeded to call out the singer for supporting something that is, to her, considered a "sin." She then asks the singer to ask God for repentance as the video was a "Slap in His face."


“A Christian can righteously judge sin. Yes no sin is greater than the other, and we all have fallen short of His glory but God has called us out of darkness into his marvelous light. He has called us to repentance. We are to love yes, but we are not to promote sin! God hates sin! And it will not tarry in His sight! That is why we must repent! That video today was a slap in His face! I’m not saying this out of hatred, but I am saying this to you in love because I am.” 

Religion and Sexuality

While Pride Month is meant to show love and acceptance to the LGBTQ community, there are still many who do not accept it. People with a faith that seems to go against being gay have been a lot more vocal about why a celebration such as "Pride Month" is wrong. 


However, that doesn't mean that all members of this faith are against the community, and many have even gone out of their way to show their support and defend them. 

When a Catholic Bishop wrote an "Anti-LGBT" tweet, Catholic TV host Sunny Hostin made sure to remind him that it's a lot safer to attend Pride Month activities than a church. 

"Some would say that being at a pride parade would be much safer for a child than it has been to be in a Catholic church in many years.”

With the LGBTQ community having more allies in the world nowadays, we will no doubt have a much better world full of acceptance, love, and freedom.