Daily Joke: Elderly Lady Argues with Hotel Because Her Bill Is Too High

An old lady decided she would have a good taste to celebrate her 70th birthday. It occurred to her that she could spend the night in a luxury hotel for such an important date.

However, when the morning came and she received the bill, she became very angry and began to yell: "$ 250 for one night! It's an exaggeration."

"Madam, that is the cost of the rooms in this hotel, is the ordinary rate for this type of hotel," answered the receptionist.

"But, although the room is beautiful and all that, I don't think it's worth that amount of money. I'm not taking breakfast either. " At that moment the hotel manager approaches and the receptionist explains what happens.

Then the manager proceeds to explain to the lady that the hotel has certain facilities. "This hotel has a large pool, and a huge convention center that is at your disposal and you could use it whenever you want while you are staying."

"That's very good," said the lady, "but I did not use them." "Yes, but they are here and you could have used them if you wanted to," said the manager. "You could also have attended one of the extraordinary shows where famous artists perform, something for which this hotel is well known."

"But I didn't attend any show," the lady protested. "Well, you could have been done, ma'am, they were there for that," the manager explained.

The manager continued listing hotel facilities and amenities, to which the lady always replied: "But I didn't use them". However, the manager always ended with the phrase: "Could have done it, ma'am".

After several minutes of discussion with the manager, the lady opened her wallet took out her checkbook and she began to make the payment. However, when the manager looked at the amount of the check, he seemed surprised.

"Sorry lady, but this check is for $ 50.00 only, and the room price is $ 250." "You’re right, sir, what happens is that I charged you $ 200 for spending the night with me." answered the woman.

"But I didn't do it, ma'am," the manager says amazed and the lady replies very calmly: "Well, but you could have done it, I was here all night".

So the next time you want to argue with an older person, it's better to think twice.

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