Here's What Happened to Gloria Henry from 'Dennis the Menace' after the Popular Show Ended

Gloria Henry, the actress that played the role of Dennis' Mother, "Alice Mitchell" in the popular TV show, "Dennis the Menace" continued with her career after the comic show ended.

"Dennis the Menace" is a CBS comic show produced by Harry Ackerman; the show had a total of 4 seasons and 146 episodes.

The show is all about the mischievous Dennis Mitchell (Jay North) who continually makes life hard for his neighbor, George Wilson (Joseph Kearns) who is placed in charge of Dennis as his parents leave town for work.

Gloria Henry, the actress that played the role of Dennis' mother, has had other appearances on television before the show. She appeared in movies such as, "Kill the Umpire," "The Files of Jeffrey Jones," and "The Case of The Restless Redhead" amongst others.

The actress was however well known for the role she played as "Alice Mitchell" in "Dennis the Menace." In the movie, she was married to Herbert Anderson, who acted as Dennis' Father, and she portrayed motherly attributes as she handles all domestic chores and displays maternal care towards Dennis.

Fans really loved the character, "Alice Mitchell," some even wished Henry was their mother in real life which actually sounded funny to Henry because she knew her kids didn't feel that way owing to the fact that she's always busy with work and as a result, didn't spend enough time with her kids.

Jeanine Russell who acted as Dennis's friend, Margaret Houlihan was another character that had fans talking. Her role as a troublesome friend to Dennis was portrayed perfectly as she appears in curls, glasses, and crinoline petticoat skirt; she was bent on opposing Dennis' ideas and giving him a hard time.

Although Russell complained that the role she played as "Margaret" was not her personality, she, however, stated that the custom made her feel like she was Margaret.

As the show lasted a total period of 4 years, starting in the year 1959 and ending in the year 1963 after which, things slowed down for Gloria Henry. 

Henry had fewer appearances on television after the show. She began acting smaller roles as she acted as an art-collecting society Matron in the prime time soap opera, Dallas.

She, however, came back to the public's eye in the year 2005, where she acted briefly in the movie, "Her Minor Thing."

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