Marie Osmond Admits Son’s Suicide ‘Left a Hole in My Heart’ in a Heartfelt New Message

Marie Osmond took to social media to disclose that her son's suicide had been emotionally tasking for her and that he is the one reason she sings opera. 

Via Instagram, the stunning singer shared six pictures, three of which are stills from her recently held Utah concert performance. 

While the photos were rather impressive, it is Osmond's lengthy caption that has captured the attention of her fans. In her caption, she answered the question many have asked her in the past – “why after all the years of country, pop and Broadway success I chose to sing Opera?” 

“Well, it is because my son Michael loved it. Michael’s passing left a hole in my heart that will never be filled until I see him again.”

Michael Blosil, born July 6, 1998, met his untimely end early 2010. The cause of death was deemed a suicide, and that particular fact is what Osmond had mainly found challenging to come to terms with. 

Although she has dealt with it and even named it one of the “inevitable tragedies of life,” the 59-year-old explained that she still remembers him from time to time and fills up that vacancy in her heart through opera. Osmond wrote in her caption:

“When I sing his favorite genre and more specifically, the song 'Pie Jesu,' I can feel his presence, and that brings me such joy!” 

Michael's untimely demise at the age of 18 is perhaps the most heart-rending tragedy Osmond has ever faced. His birthday is just three days away and makes another time for the award-winning star to relive his sad passing.

Thankfully, Osmond has discovered a way to handle with times like that as her message had started with her answering the question of what she does when life gets tough.

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During the meet and greets @FlamingoVegas I have asked what you would like me to write about in my #Sunday messages. The number one topic: What do you do when life gets really tough? Harold B. Lee called [life’s tribulations], “the inevitable tragedies of life.” We don’t like the sound of the word inevitable, but it is an accurate term. Mortal life is filled with challenges, trials, setbacks, disappointments, misfortune, tragedy, disaster, loss, pain, suffering and sorrow…. When I was young I wondered where I would fit in my very talented family.I was the only girl and wanted to sing too, but could I? My brothers had already made a name for themselves and I wondered if there was even room for me. My Mother always believed in me and she would say “Marie you have a very strong voice, don’t be like others, be you.” And then one day I heard the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Judy Garland.It was as though Judy was singing those words right to me. I still fight feelings of inadequacy, but rather than give in to them, I remember my Mom believed in me. I hear those negative thoughts just like you do when I try something new...”what makes you think you can do that?” But as I let God lead me to new things, I find it’s possible! Someone recently asked me why after all the years of country, pop and broadway success I chose to sing Opera? Well, it is because my son Michael loved it. Michael’s passing left a hole in my heart that will never be filled until I see him again. When I sing his favorite genre and more specifically the song “Pie Jesu”, I can feel his presence and that brings me such joy! I went to his grave Friday when I arrived in Utah and I told him that the Saturday’s Symphonic show was for him. 🥰 The photo was from last night where I performed with the Utah Symphony Orchestra in Park City, Utah. The mountains I sang in front of are my metaphor of climbing and never giving up. Remember “when life gives you more than you can stand... kneel”. IT WORKS! Go to my Facebook page or website to read the rest! #SundayMessage 📸: @two4sixcreate @theadamgregory

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Her message serves as a source of inspiration for her fans as she outlined her troubles and termed them the inevitable occurrences that every person encounters at one point or the other in their lives. 

The lengthy message will forever be a treasured one for Osmond's fans, and they expressed great appreciation. They took to the comments section to leave encouraging words, appreciate Osmond's tender words, and to relate their ways of dealing with tragic occurrences. 

That is because they are aware of how sensitive the subject of Michael's demise is for Osmond. It is, however, not the first time Osmond will be displaying such affection for the late teenager, and she even once labeled it the “hardest thing” she has ever experienced during a 2010 interview with Oprah Winfrey. 

May Michael Blosil’s soul rest in peace. 

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