July 04, 2019

Beth Chapman’s Grandson Dakota Thanks Fans for Their Support

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Dakota Chapman, Beth Chapman’s grandson sent out a message of appreciation to fans for their support particularly during his family's trying time. It was quite emotional!

On July 2nd, Dakota took to Twitter to personally thank the general public for every form of support they have shown him and the entire Chapman family.



“Thank you, everyone, for the support it means a lot to our family. My grandmother would be very proud to see the tremendous support and love you all have shown #DogPound #wgnamerica.”

Dakota, born to Leland and Maui Chapman, is a part of the Chapman family. The family, spearheaded by the American bounty hunter, Duane “Dog” Chapman, have been mourning the loss of their gorgeous matriarch, Beth Chapman.


Beth passed away late last month from complications of a widely progressed cancer. Her tragic demise elicited a rather impressive response from fans as well as fellow celebrities.

The reactions were indeed remarkable and are what Dakota referred to in his short message. Although Beth was his step-grandmother, they had shared a close relationship just like the bubbly star had been known to have with her brood and even with fans. 


Beth Chapman was a treasured television personality, and this was also evident as the tweet posted by Dakota to honour her has elicited several reactions from fans. The comments were dominated by sad messages as netizens sent out condolences to the bereaved family. 

Beth never did anything to hide her battle with throat cancer while alive and always expressed great faith through it all. Many have found her story to be inspirational, but the fact that she decided not to do chemotherapy left everyone shaken because of the general knowledge of how deadly cancer is.


While Beth and her hunky bail bondsman hubby, Duane had initially come forward to share that her cancer had gone into remission following an excisional surgery, sadly, however, it reappeared soon after, and the star continuously got hospitalized even until her death. 

Reports had it that an emergency medical team had been called to Beth's Hawaii home after she had a choking incident. Soon after, media outlets aired stories that doctors had medically induced Beth into a coma.


Beth died on June 26 at the age of 51, and her bereaved family confirmed that she had passed on. 


Beth's burial held over the weekend, and new reports have it that her loving husband, Duane has announced the date set for her second memorial, alongside a message of appreciation.

Duane disclosed that the special occasion would take place on July 2 at the Heritage Christian Center in Aurora, Colorado. 

May Beth's beautiful soul rest in peace.