July 05, 2019

Why Jamie Lee Curtis Doesn't Dye Her Hair or Wear Heels

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Jamie Lee Curtis’ reasons for not dying her hair or wearing heels are entirely relatable, enlightening, and speaks to her inner strength.

One common thing in today’s world is body-shaming, and the length Hollywood stars go to maintain the perfect look, is best told by someone who lived it, Jamie Lee Curtis.


Before cosmetic surgery became a common trend, and Botox and liposuction, the go-to for those trying to get rid of what little fat they had, Curtis already had all of these and more.

The actress once recalled in an interview with "The Telegraph" that a cameraman refused to take her photographs because she had puffy eyes from being on set for an extended period.


After the rejection which did a number to her self-esteem, the 61-year-old actress went to have the excess fat under her eyes removed, but little did she know that it would regenerate in other parts of her body.

It became a common trend for Curtis to have liposuction, Botox, and anti-wrinkle injections, and in her 30s, she became addicted to doctor-prescribed painkillers.


But the “True Lies” star’s addiction didn’t end there; she became an alcoholic as she struggled to be the woman she played in the movie “Perfect,” forgetting that real life and fiction are not the same.

After Curtis hit rock bottom and realized that her addictions were taking a toll on her life, career, and daughter, she checked herself into rehab and learned to peel off the layers and examine herself.


In therapy, the actress learned to love herself and stop living the life she described as a “Fraud,” and imitating other people.

Arriving at this conclusion, helped the “Trading Places” actress decide to be comfortable with her looks, and it informed her decision not to dye her hair when it turned gray and stop wearing heels.


However, despite Curtis losing interest in cosmetics procedures, she maintains a healthy lifestyle and stays fit in more natural ways.

Back in 2002, the “Scream Queens” star had a photo shoot where she stripped-down to her inner clothing, and she chose to wear zero makeup or have her hair done.

The “Freaky Friday” actress now lives her life without apologies and dedicates her time to anti-drug campaigns focused on helping those struggling with addiction.

Curtis once said that she intends to live life looking the way God intended; she is doing that now, and happy with herself, scars and all.