Donny Osmond Shows off Four of His Little Grandkids

Donny Osmond, 61 is one proud grandpa. Osmond, who couldn't hide his excitement, took to his Instagram page to show off how talented his grandchildren are, and he isn't wrong. 

The father of five announced that his grandkids drew the artwork for the Dinosaur Exhibit that was cherry-picked to hang outside the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.

The image which showed the singer's son, Brandon Osmond and his family posing in front of the pieces of art where they were plastered on banners and hung outside the museum was accompanied with the sweet message:

“For anyone in #WashingtonDC, keep an eye out for some really cool banners promoting the @smithsoniannmnh Opens a New Window. #DinosaurExhibit Opens a New Window. The drawings the #Smithsonian Opens a New Window chose were done by my sweet grandkids!”

The 61-year-old talented singer not only gushed about his grandbabies' talent but also sweetly asked his followers to tag him if they find any of the artwork around; so sweet. 

Donny continued in his heartwarming message saying:

“If anyone can get a picture of the banners, be sure to post and tag me in it, this proud grandpa would love to see their artwork around the city!”

Brandon, his wife Shelly Osmond and their four kids looked adorable as they stood outside the establishment smiling down proudly at the camera. The banner behind them had a giant brown dinosaur drawn on it.

Donny, who is the father of five and grandfather to twelve kids once credited his wife, Debbie Osmond for being his pillar and for holding his large family together. 

The talented singer started his singing career at the young age of five on "The Andy Williams Show" in 1963. That five-year-old boy has since found his way to becoming a great musical sensation but not without some challenges.

Being a teen star, Donny had lots of young female fans adoring him, but the opposite could be said about the boys who didn't think Osmond was cool at all. 

Osmond once told the "Guardian" that he was bullied growing up by boys his age and that left a wrong impression on the singer for a long time. 

He told the news outlet

“The guys started throwing dirt clods at [me] and calling [me] all kinds of names—just because I was Donny Osmond,”

The star later found a way to move past it, and now he lives comfortably in his skin while owning his personality. With his large family and adorable grandchildren, Donny has no time spared for negativity. 

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