Why Ludacris' Wife Chose to Stay with Him after He Had Baby with Other Woman

Eudoxie Bridges reacted to a fan who questioned why she took back Ludacris after he cheated on her. Her response, "I listened to my heart," and reveals how that turned out for her.

It would seem like the most logical thing to do when a husband strays from your marriage is to leave him. But for Ludacris’ wife, Eudoxie Bridges, her reaction to her husband’s infidelity had nothing to do with logic.

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Eudoxie is part of the new Essence x Coca-Cola series, “If Not for My Girls” which also stars her girlfriends, Keri Hilson and LeToya Luckett. On episode one of the show, she opened up about her decision to stay in her marriage despite finding out Ludacris had a child with another woman while in a relationship with her. 

A question was raised on why no one advised her to leave Ludacris after cheating on her. 


The conversation that led to Eudoxie’s revelation revolved around how girlfriends help in keeping each other in line when it comes to relationships. According to Keri, she was grateful for her girls who saved her from toxic relationships.

“If not for my girls, I would be in relationships and places that no longer serve me,” she said. She thanked LeToya and Eudoxie most especially for helping her “have that birds-eye view of the reality because love can be blinding.”


Eudoxie, in response, assured Keri she always deserved better which prompted a commenter on social media to turn the tables on her.  A question was raised on why no one advised her to leave Ludacris after cheating on her. 

Eudoxie acknowledged she did get a lot of those questions but her answer was simple. “I listened to my heart.” She also said she had no regrets over the decision.

“It’s the best decision I’ve ever made!” 


It was back in 2013 when Ludacris stepped out of their relationship and had a child with Tamika Fuller.  Despite the turmoil this caused Eudoxie, she took the rapper back and married him two years later on Christmas Eve. The pair share a daughter, Cadence, who was born that same year. 

On their 10th year anniversary of knowing each other, Eudoxie said in an Instagram tribute, “I’m glad we made it work.” She added, “There’s no one I’d rather go through this life with.”

While many women may not understand what Eudoxie did for love, her marriage is proof that when you follow your heart, you win. She is in a happy place right now with no regrets and that's what matters most. 

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