Val Kilmer Makes a Rare Public Appearance at a Celebrity Basketball Charity Event

Val Kilmer supported the Monster Energy $50K Charity Challenge Basketball game on Monday where he was seen with entrepreneurs Brad Koepenick and Dominic Kalms.

Val Kilmer made another recent public appearance on Monday as he made his way to a Charity Challenge Celebrity Basketball Game. The actor smiled as he captured the event and posted it on his Instagram account.

“What fun while supporting a great cause! $50K Charity Challenge Celebrity Basketball Game to celebrate the 2019 ESPY Awards,” he wrote.

Kilmer wore a long white button-down shirt with a sky blue line through the buttons, and a spray painted design on the side which read, “Don’t hate debate,” in the same color. 

The “Top Gun” actor also wore scarves around his neck, which he has recently been sporting to cover up his trachea surgery. His last public appearance was during his Twain Mania Foundation fundraiser event in June.

He then sported a black leather jacket, gray jeans, and black work boots as he smiled for the camera and later thanked those who joined him during the event on social media.

“Thank you to everyone who joined us on Sunday to help bring empathy, tolerance, and literacy to schools and communities across America,” he wrote.

Kilmer’s foundation seeks to educate students with the use of ‘art and education’ and enhance their critical thinking, media literacy skills, and knowledge on democracy with Mark Twain’s insights and ideologies.

“I completely believe his impact is tantamount to the impact of rock and roll,” Kilmer said. “It's that big because it no longer matters on the radio if Little Richard was black or white, you’re dancing to it. And rock and roll changed the face of America and changed the rest of the world. And I think Mark Twain's impact about race and greed is equal, in that kind of comparison.”

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