Story behind Stevie Nicks' Marriage to Her Best Friend’s Husband

Gracious Egedegbe
Jul 12, 2019
12:33 A.M.
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Stevie Nicks, in reaching the heights of fame, the star went through unbearable pain, including a “bizarre” marriage that lasted just three months. 


Stevie Nicks is one woman who seems to have everything any woman would wish for. From her beautiful voice to her ravishing beauty, and excellent musical career in which she was the goddess of a hit-making rock band, she seemed to be the full package.


However, when it came to finding love, the star didn’t have it all together. Her pathetic love story culminated in her marriage to her late childhood friend’s husband, a decision she describes as “insane.”


Stevie fell in love with fellow Fleetwood Mac star, Lindsey Buckingham. The pair would become one of rock’s most celebrated couples at that time. However, despite their love, the two had a lot of differences between each other, and it led to the bitter end of their relationship. 



Stevie’s childhood friend, Robin, became ill with leukemia; she also discovered that she was pregnant with the sickness, a rare occurrence. Hence, Robin, knowing she was going to die, refused all forms of medical treatment as she wanted to see her child live.

Robin thus used all the strength left in her to give birth to her son, Matthew, and died three days after childbirth. Stevie grieved for her friend and wanted to take care of her newborn baby.

In a moment of insanity, the star singer convinced Robin’s husband, Kim, that they should get married, as that would enable her to raise the baby Robin left behind. Kim agreed, but the decision was met with rage and disbelief from family and friends of Stevie. Many of them refused to attend the wedding, as they felt she had lost her mind. 



At first, the marriage was working out well, as the new couple did their best to take care of the baby. However, cracks began to appear, and Stevie then realized that she knew nothing about Kim. The star also revealed that she used to feel her late friend’s presence in Matthew’s nursery.

On one particular day, she went into the nursery and didn’t feel Robin’s presence and then realized that she had left. It was at that point that she decided to walk away from the marriage. Thus, three months after marriage, the couple went their separate ways.


Stevie also revealed that she has not seen or heard from Kim and Matthew since their separation, but hopes that she would see him (Matthew) one day, and be able to give him things belonging to his mom so that he would see how wonderful she was. 

The star understands that marrying Kim was crazy, but pointed out that she felt that was the only thing she could do to help the baby. 


The songstress became addicted to cocaine as she found it as a way to escape from her work stress. When she found out she was addicted, she checked herself into rehab, and gradually found her way back. She has remained sober since that time. 


Nick Stevie is a well-accomplished artiste and has received eight Grammy Awards Nominations in recognition of her talent. She also founded a charity called “

Stevie Nicks Soldier’s Angel Foundation

.” The foundation aims to use music as a tool in the rehabilitation of wounded soldiers from the wars in Iran and Afghanistan.