'Sunshine & Shades': Mimi Faust and Her Daughter with Stevie J Chill by a Pool

Mimi Faust shared a poolside selfie with her daughter revealing their matching looks. They appeared to be enjoying some "we time" away from the issues that surround them.

Mimi Faust is making the most of the summer. As she hit the pool and soaked up some sun, she also spent quality time with her daughter. 


Mimi’s “nugget” as she calls her 9-year-old with Stevie J matched the singer in sunglasses making for a sweet summer twinning pic shared on Instagram.  Eva raised her two fingers in a peace sign as her mother held the camera to take their selfie. 

At close range, you’d notice that aside from their shades, mother and daughter also wore matching braided hairstyles. They were clearly having a special bonding moment lying by the poolside in their swimsuits. 

The pair are currently in Las Vegas as Mimi mentions in her post. 

"Sunshine and Shades!!! It was an awesome day at the pool with my Nugget.." the proud mom wrote to caption their cute snap.


Not photographed with them was Mimi’s girlfriend, Tamera “Ty” Young who often spends time with the family of two. Ty appeared to have formed a close relationship with Eva based on a controversial photo of her and the young girl, which caught Stevie J’s attention back in March. Stevie reacted to the photo by implying that he wasn’t happy about his daughter’s closeness to Ty who lashed back at him for thinking that way. 

If you can recall back in 2016 in an episode of “Love & Hip Hop’s” Season 5, Mimi came out as a lesbian and introduced a woman named Chris as her girlfriend. Stevie later expressed his opposition to Mimi exposing their daughter to her lesbian affairs. That appears to still be his stance today when he reacted to Ty spending time with his daughter. 

Mimi confessed in the season premiere of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” in March that she didn’t know Stevie had introduced Eva to Faith until after the fact...This irked Mimi who hadn’t even met Faith herself. 

But Stevie isn’t the only one with issues about introducing his child to other people. Mimi called him out for introducing Eva to his wife, Faith Evans without her permission. It happened last year, around the time he wed Faith in Las Vegas.

Mimi confessed in the season premiere of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” in March that she didn’t know Stevie had introduced Eva to Faith until after the fact. He even asked the young girl if she wanted to live with them. This irked Mimi who hadn’t even met Faith herself. 


Mimi isn’t alone in her issues with Stevie. In fact, he even has a bigger ax to grind with Joseline Hernandez, the mother of his 2-year-old daughter, Bonnie Bella. The music producer recently filed a suit contesting their child’s custody after revealing that Joseline had been giving him a hard time with his visitation. He demanded that she be sent to jail. 

Joseline denied barring him from seeing their child and asked the court to dismiss the case. A ruling has yet to be made regarding the matter.


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