Mother Arrested for Driving with 2 Kids in an Inflatable Pool on the Roof of Her Car

A woman landed in jail for driving with her two children sitting in an inflatable pool on the roof of her car.

In a press release posted on Facebook, the Dixon Police Department identified the woman as Jennifer Janus Yeager, 49.  

“All charges are merely an allegation and the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty."

Around 3 p.m. on July 9, A concerned citizen alerted the police after seeing an Audi passenger car driving with children inside of a pool tied to the roof of the vehicle.

Police officers quickly responded and saw a white Audi Q5 driving with a blue inflatable pool on the roof and two children inside it.


The police said in their press release:

“During the course of the investigation it was learned that Yeager drove into town to inflate the pool at a friends’ house and had her two juvenile daughters ride inside of the empty pool to hold it down on their drive home."

The mother was arrested for two counts of Endangering the Health or Life of a Child and two counts of Reckless Conduct. She was also cited for failure to secure a passenger of the age of 8 and under the age of 16.

Yeager was released after posting bond. The press release stated:

“All charges are merely an allegation and the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty."


In another report of blatant parental negligence, a mother was arrested after leaving her two babies in the car while shopping at Walmart. 

The woman was identified as Crystal Gonzales, from California. A security guard at the shopping center notified the Ontario Police Department after seeing the babies, in an incident that took place in July 2018.

The security guard had noticed a crowd gathered around a white SUV in the parking lot. 

A witness was able to record everything and the video and uploaded it on YouTube, where it quickly amassed tens of thousands of views. 

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