Hundreds of Shoppers Flee from Manchester Shopping Center after Food Court Disturbance

Hundreds of shoppers in Manchester got the scare of their lives this Saturday after a young man, who allegedly had a gun, caused mass panic and chaos.

It has been reported that the incident took place at Manchester Arndale and led to a team of armed police officers to storm the shopping center to look for the teenager.

According to some of the witnesses, the teen, who was described as being black and 5ft 7in, was shirtless as he climbed up on a table a began shouting.


People were enjoying their lunch at the food court at the time and took off running because someone said the young man had a weapon with him.

It didn't take long for the Greater Manchester Police to receive reports regarding an armed suspect at the shopping center, forcing it to act quickly.

However, upon entering the building, police officers were unable to find the youngster and found no evidence of anyone carrying a firearm.

The teen, who was described as being black and 5ft 7in, was shirtless as he climbed up on a table a began shouting


A spokeswoman for the Greater Manchester Police revealed that it is "believed his actions were intended to cause alarm and panic." Nevertheless, it is still quite a serious situation.

Even though there was no credible threat, Supt. John-Paul Ruffle claimed that the case will continue to be investigated and asked anyone with information to contact the proper authorities.


Last year, a young man pulled out a gun and shot an 18-year-old in the chest at the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover, Alabama, before escaping the busy mall.

A police officer rushed to the scene and fatally shot a 21-year-old man named Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr., believing he was was the shooter.

Although the authorities later confirmed that Bradford Jr. was not the gunman, they claimed that he was somehow involved in the altercation despite the severe lack of evidence.

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