Remy Ma Claims Assault Accuser Brittney Taylor Has Been Harassing Stepdaughter

The legal battle between Remy Ma and her L&HH co-star Brittney Taylor is still on-going, and in the most recent development of the case, Taylor is being accused of harassing Remy’s stepdaughter, Dejanae Mackie.

Remy Ma is currently facing assault and harassment charges for allegedly punching Brittney Taylor in the face last April, an incident that Taylor claims took place backstage during the Pretty Lou Benefit Concert at Irving Plaza near Union Square.

After the incident, Taylor went to the hospital to get her black eye treated and filed a police report, leading Remy to surrender herself to authorities a month later.

She was arrested, charged, and released on a $1,500 bail after claiming her innocence.

Remy was giving a restrictive order, meaning she can’t get in touch with Taylor during the legal process and was also given a curfew.


With the investigation still on-going, Remy’s lawyer, Dawn Florio, recently said in court that Taylor has been harassing Remy’s stepdaughter, Dejanae Mackie, who is allegedly a former friend of Taylor’s.

Florio explained in a pre-trial session last Friday that Taylor “has actively been calling my client’s daughter as well as tagging her on social media.” She also promised to provide “screenshots and whatever other documentation" to the DA’s office as proof of Taylor’s interference with the case.

According to Taylor, it was precisely after bringing up Dejanae that Remy punched her in the face.


The reality star told the New York Daily News last April that she and Remy were talking on the green room at the benefit concert when she told Remy that she “defended” Dejanae from a man and “saved her life” while they were on a trip in Miami.

“She was like, ‘That’s not what I heard,’ and she punched me in the face," Taylor said of the moment Remy’s attacked her.

Remy’s defense maintains the rapper’s innocent and says they can prove she wasn’t even at the concert venue at the time Taylor claims the incident took place.


In a surprising turn of events, Taylor was arrested last month after getting involved in a physical fight with another woman in a Manhattan apartment.

The fight, which started at the woman’s living room, continued on the elevator and ended at the lobby of the building, where Taylor threw a cellphone on the other woman’s face and also scratched her neck.

Police arrested Taylor at the place, and she was charged with assault and aggravated harassment. She was released without bail and hit with a restraining order too, which states that if she has any firearms, she must turn them over.


After learning of the incident, Remy’s civil lawyer, Eric Sanders, said the arrest raised doubts on Taylor’s assault case against his client.

“Obviously this arrest creates a major credibility issue for the prosecution and [Taylor’s lawyer in the case] Mr. Rubenstein to contend with,” Sanders said in a statement. “Either way, we intend to continue pressing forward to ensuring Remy is totally vindicated.”

Rubenstein, on the other hand, fired back saying: “The arrest of Brittney Taylor does not in any way change the facts of the assault of Brittney Taylor for which Remy Ma is being prosecuted by the Manhattan district attorney.”

This is not the first encounter of Remy Ma with the law. She’s currently on parole after serving six years in jail for shooting a former friend in the stomach during a dispute over money.

Remy’s parole is set to end in August, but if she’s found guilty of her charges against Taylor, meaning she violated her parole rules, she could face severe consequences.

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