Beth Chapman's Granddaughter Abbie Mae Misses Her Late Grandma

Beth Chapman’s granddaughter missed her on a family outing in Colorado, as the deceased’s absence made her “Great day” incomplete.

Since Beth Chapman died, her family have used social media as a way to let people know how they feel, especially during the moments when they miss her absence the most.


The latest to share her pain with her followers, is Abbie Mae, the deceased’s granddaughter.

Abbie Mae shared on Instagram a photo slide showing a young girl in a mermaid costume, and the late blonde beauty with female members of her family, enjoying the Colorado Renaissance Festival.

The Colorado native wrote in the caption:

“Not the same without you grandma.”

She also added that it was a “Great day” and Beth would have loved it. The post, brought on a lot of heartfelt messages from her followers, with many agreeing with Abbie that her grandmother would have loved the festival. 

Others told the young woman that the deceased would always be in her heart.


Aside from Abbie Mae, Duane “Dog” Chapman, the former's grandfather, has Beth's memories engraved in his heart.

After the memorial the family had on Saturday at the deceased’s home town, Aurora, Colorado, Duane gave an emotional interview on the impact of his wife’s death on his life.

The bounty hunter said he was unprepared for her death, and even on the day the late TV star died, he had no clue it would be that day.

At the memorial, the TV star told the audience that Beth is the reason why his new show “Dog’s Most Wanted,” happened, and all she wanted was to be by his side as he went after fugitives.

Duane equally revealed that since his wife’s death, eating has been difficult, which made him lose 17 pounds and led to a fugitive putting him down during a tackle.


Beth died on June 26 after a brief hospitalisation; she was battling cancer and refused to undergo chemotherapy so she could spend time with her husband shooting DMW.

After her demise, Abbie Mae shared a photo of the two of them; in it, the younger woman leaned close to her late grandmother and put her arms around her shoulder, with the two of them smiling.

Although there was no caption attached to the photo, the affection between the two was evident, and while Abbie Mae will miss her grandmother, she will always have the memories of their time together.

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